Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Will the Crypto-Communist Libertarians Run Another Spoiler Candidate?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews will want to split the dissident vote. They have used the closet communist party in America, the libertarians, as spoilers for decades.

Ron Paul was a communist spoiler who furthered Trotsky's permanent revolution, in his own words. Paul is a communist hiding under the veil of libertarianism pretending to be a Republican.

The jews will likely push another libertarian at us. I wonder what the response will be. Who will the Pauls endorse? Who will the alternative media support? Trump or the open borders libertarian communists?

Things here are getting really bad. I see new housing going up in our urban centers where the professional class lives. This new housing is being filled by Asians, Indians and Pakistanis who are taking not only our housing, but our jobs. They drive nice cars and are taking over our cities and suburbs.

I am seeing many young White girls walking hand in hand with blacks in these increasingly racially mixed suburbs and major cities. Lots of mixed race children are appearing all over America. The signage advertising on buildings and billboards features race mixing. Communist style wall murals of working class heroes of mixed races are appearing in the cities and towns across America, a cross between Diego Rivera and Stalin Marxist propaganda.

The jews are trying to get rid of us and they are succeeding. Whites are becoming increasingly obese and poor. As new housing is being built in the cities to house invaders, White homes in the rural areas are falling apart, just like under communism. Just like under communism, race mixing is being heavily promoted by the State and media. Just like under communism, indigenous populations are being displaced by deliberate immigration to replace them.

Reagan granted amnesty to a few million and it changed us forever. Obama has let in what must be tens upon tens of millions and they are beginning to overwhelm us and push us out. If this trend is not stopped then reversed, we are done.

If the jews do make a bid to split Trump's vote with a libertarian communist, remember what Ron Paul got you, Obama. The next libertarian communist phony might unleash Hillary upon us. I doubt we could survive it.

Shame on us for not fielding our own candidate. Trump wraps himself in jews and is terribly jingoistic, and that is never good. But please, shun the phony libertarians. They almost all White sheep led to the slaughter by the jews who are everywhere around them.