Saturday, June 18, 2016

Donald Trump's Internationalist Conflicts of Interest Are Jewish Conflicts of Interest

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump is falsely portraying himself as if the consummate American patriot. But he boast about how it is justified to betray American interests in favor of business interests. Trump thinks like an international jew and nowhere is this more vividly displayed than in his conflict of interest with communist Russia and KGB Vladimir Putin. See:

Inside Trump's financial ties to Russia and his unusual flattery of Vladimir Putin

Trump is threatening our very existence and the continued existence of the White Race by calling NATO obsolete and demanding that it become an organ of the Israeli military apparatus to attack Islam, while turning a blind eye to communist Russia and Putin's aggression against Europe and betrayal of Russia in favor of communist China. Trump cannot make America great by selling us out to communist Russia and zionist Israel, but that is exactly what he is doing and his every move points in that direction.

So, who is it that will steal Trump deceitful thunder and truly represent us? Surely not Hillary Clinton!

Donald J. Trump: A Personality Profile

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back on 5 November 2008, I published a psychological profile of Barack Obama which has proven to be 100% accurate over the course of his two presidential terms.

Barack Obama: A Psychological Profile, November 05, 2008

I will not bother doing the same with Hillary Clinton at this time, because all thinking people know that she is a witch and a puppet of higher powers. The horrors of a Clinton presidency are too gross to ponder.

I chose to do a psychological profile of Barack Obama only because he has no personality. He is a psychopathic machine obeying the orders he receives from the jews. For Trump, I elect to do a personality profile. Trump actually has one, a personality that is, and it governs his behavior and helps us to forecast what we can expect from him should he become our next president.

The first thing to know about Trump is that he does not function based on principles, but rather on priorities. He operates under jewish situational ethics. First he sets his priorities, usually making money, and then he form fits his agenda and his stances to conveniently fulfill those priorities.

In terms of business and the law, he has no problem whatsoever acting unethically and against the best interests of the nation if the law permits. He inherited his thinking from the Milton Friedman and Leo Strausian school of screw America for what is good for the jews, and lie to Americans as you do it. The University of Chicago, once a heterosexual Christian school, has produced a plethora of unethical jewish thought and vomited it on our populace. The Trotskyite neoconservative movement owes a large debt to the lifelong zionist Leo Strauss, who taught at the University of Chicago.

Trump has a lot of Friedman and Strauss in him, and as a result, nothing he says can be trusted, because he believes that lying is both necessary and justified to accomplish his priorities. Trump also believes that by doing what is good for the jews, he will attain his present priority, which is to become president. Like Reagan, he is exploiting an opportunity the jews created, by opposing Mexican immigration. Like Reagan, he may grant the largest amnesty to Mexicans in history and further open the borders. If it suits his priorities, he will do so and give no consideration whatsoever to principles or the values of our Republic. And Trump has a large body of jewish thought to fall back on to justify his evil nature and deception of the American public.

Trump has duped the evangelicals into believing he is one of them. This serves his priority to do what is good for the jews, as he is fueling their jewish created bloodlust to attack Muslims en masse. But Christ blessed the peacemakers, and Trump is talking war, war to profit the jews in countless ways, one of which is the destruction of America, which Trump pledges to make great again by making it the slave of the jewish war machine.

Reagan wore a union hat as he campaigned, then screwed over the unions, including PATCO, and the airports have been in decline ever since. Trump says in the same breath that he will defend the second amendment, then calls for the government punish dissent by selectively and arbitrarily depriving citizens of their second amendment rights by means of accusation without trial. This immoral stance fits Trump's priorities, in that he wants the democratic vote, and he wants to vilify the Muslims for the benefit of the jews.

In the same breath that he calls to ban Muslim immigration, and send Mexican illegals back, Trump screams openly and loudly that he will literally pour in a massive invasion of immigrants who hold our values, meaning Indians, Pakistanis and Chinese to steal our jobs and replace our genetics and he will make it the law to do so. Trump likes to lie to his base, because his personality demands that he instruct, not follow. He is telling his followers what to do to serve his agenda. He is not serving their desires or needs. He wants their vote, and that is all. They can and will be damned once he holds the reins of power in his expensively manicured teeth.

Trump loves to deceive, it is his art and the jews provide him with the philosophical justification he employs to excuse his deceit, i.e. he is a businessman and therefore has no ethics or duty to god or country, only to profit. He is not a Christian, not by a long shot. He is thoroughly jewish in his personality and his actions, which is why the jews made him a celebrity.

Trump does genuinely prefer the common people to the elite class, because he senses no competition from them. He sees them as children, as pets, to be coddled and trained and deceived. Like Reagan, the great deceiver, Trump appeals to the common man's need for a parent to guide him and the nation. But even children sense when they are being treated unfairly, and Trump is an extremely unfair person. That is how he made it.

We need someone infinitely more authentic than the con man Donald Trump to preserve the White Race and make America great again. Trump is only out to make America serve the jewish war machine again. And Hillary Clinton is even worse.

There is a golden opportunity to steal Trump's thunder and at the very least provide a pressure on him to obey the will of the authentic American People. Will anyone from our hundreds of millions seize the opportunity?

Why does the press never ask Trump how he will manage the industrial growth he hints at, in such a way as to safeguard the environment? Is he going to open up our land to foreign buyers and sell off our natural resources to the lowest bidders working for the jewish bankers? How does he plan to pay off the debt? Is he going to give America away to the usurers, or lock them up in concentration camps?

No, Trump is not going to help us. He is going to sell us out to the jews in every way he can. He is already doing so by backstabbing us on the 2nd Amendment and pledging our military and NATO to serve the interests of the jews, the communists and the zionists, instead of the White Race.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trump Ought to Ease Up on the Jewish Warmongering

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Trump would do well to recall that Obama was elected on the glittering generality, "Change!" To the American People, that supposed change was an end to war. Instead, Obama brought us more and more war.

People like Trump because they believe he represents authentic change. We are increasingly weary and wary of war. Trump is turning us against him as he continually beats the war drums for the sake of the jews.

Trump continues to brown nose the jews and scapegoat Muslims for many of the ills the jews have brought us. He never, ever, points the finger of accusation against jewry or Israel. Instead, he pours praise on both and pledges not only our military, but all of NATO to the service of the jews to slave as the jews' soldiers and isolate and slaughter still more millions of Muslims. This as the very real threat of communist aggression challenges us and our European allies.

This is highly troubling and it is turning America against Trump, because we do not want to fight more of the jews' wars. We want the immigrants out, and no more to come in, simple as that. We want to be away from these foreign people. We do not want to travel with weapons of war into their lands and surround ourselves with their corpses. We just want to live our lives in peace in our country without an invading and hostile enemy pouring over our borders.

Trump better learn that and learn it quick, or his lead and support will dwindle due to his jewish swindle, creating more enemies for us, still worse debts and endless war with the world. We are sick and tired of that jewish program for America and the more Trump shows himself to be just another potential puppet for the jewish war machine, the more disgusted we will become with him and them.

If Trump sincerely wants to make America great again, he will have to lay the blame where it belongs, with the jewish elephant in the room. There truly is no other way to solve our problems. If he will not do it, then someone else must and will.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Communist/Zionist Jewish Agenda Advances in the Wake of the Bloodbath

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Communist Hillary Clinton and the jewish media are attacking our fundamental rights to keep and bear arms, because their ilk welcomed in an invasion Muslims after first making them anti-American by destroying their nations and slaughtering their people. All sense of proportion is rendered nonsense by the emotion evoked by the terrorist attack. It is lost on the American People that the jews have caused us to mass murder tens of millions of Muslims and ruin entire functional nations for the benefit of the jews. Fifty dead pales in comparison to those horrors.

Let us not focus so much on ending terrorism as on ending the invasion of our White nations, and on ending the jews' perpetual wars and perpetual revolutions. Even friend Trump is falling into the jews' trap and is forwarding the jewish communist/zionist agenda while failing to name our foremost enemy, the jews.

It is the jews who brought all this upon us. The jews brought us into war in the Middle East. The jews stole Palestine from the Muslims. The jews let in millions of Muslims into our nations. The jews weakened us with the cold war and sent our industries overseas and south of our border. The jews weakened us by glorifying homosexuality and degrading the normal family.

But Trump blames only and all Muslims for what the jews have sown. Trump benefits both the zionist and the communist agendas in his response to the Islamic terror attack on our People. Trump wants to replace the jews' cold war with a hot war on Islam. He wants to change the purpose of NATO from protecting us from communist imperialism, to turning us into an aggressor against Islam. This also profits the communists by lowering our shield against their aggression and drawing attention away from them. Trump also wants to erect an iron curtain around Islam while leaving us open to communist infiltration and spying.

The jews have Trump doing their bidding by turning our guardian armies into slaves to fight jewish wars which will make the jews supreme in the Middle East. Wars which will further indebt us to the jewish usurers, and send our young fertile citizens into war in the prime of their lives, reducing our populations and harming some of our otherwise healthiest childbearing folk. Trump wants to build our militaries to soldier for the jews and fight wars which will harm us.

ISIS is a jewish communist creation led by Putin. Putin is planning to ruin us by drawing us into endless self consuming wars. Trump is calling for more intelligence cooperation with our "allies", meaning no doubt the Israelis who are quick to sell our intelligence to Russia, China, Pakistan and North Korea. Trump is more about profitting Israel than making America great again. It is no coincidence that we have gone in decline as Israel rose.

The jews and their media, and their puppet Clinton oppose Trump and do the other harm that he is not doing to benefit the jewish communist/zionist cause. They are scapegoating Whites and the rights of Whites for the crimes they have deliberately provoked.

We do not win by cheering on either side in this tango to our demise. Trump is better solely because he draws attention to the immigration disaster plaguing our People, but he does not name who is behind it, rather he placates them and promises our forces to their cause; and he focuses our attention on how the Asians and Mexicans are shafting us economically, while benefitting from the stability our military might provides. But Trump hides the fact that it is the jews who have subverted our nation and built up the power of our enemies with our industries, technologies and monies.

Trump's jingoisms only help by uniting Whites against the invasion. But if he, like Hitler, leads us into endless wars which weaken us before our communist and zionist enemies, what profit will we make from his presidency?

We need a charismatic leader to steal Trump's thunder and prevent him from leading us into disaster. But we must not empower that witch Hillary Clinton, whose black charms will surely cast us into the abyss quicker than Trump's war drums.

Many of histories jewwisest were pacifists, including Jesus and Wagner. Trump cannot be a warmonger and protect us from the jews. While he has disowned "nation building", he maintains its true jewish taint, which is nation wrecking. Trump talks like a jewish nation wrecker, which was of course always the jewish goal behind so-called "nation building", the nation they sought most to wreck being the United States of America.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Orlando Massacre and KGB Putin's Agenda

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Orlando massacre, in which an Islamic terrorist murdered scores of helpless people in a gay nightclub, fits in with communist chieftain Vladimir Putin's plans to fracture the fault lines in Western Civilization and bring about turmoil and war on American soil. While the jews and communists in America do all they can to sponsor and promote deviant sexual behavior in the West so as to rot us out from within, the communists in Russia, as they have always done, decry this decadence and try to stomp it out. It serves as a pretext for them to condemn and destroy us, much like the phony fascist groups the communists sponsor and promote in Western Civilization, which provide the communists in Russia and the jewish created antifa with a pretext for communist imperialism and the loss of our fundamental rights and national sovereignty.

Putin created and runs ISIS. Putin causes international furor over the issue of gay rights. It seems to be too much of a coincidence that a self proclaimed asset of Putin's ISIS has committed mayhem at a gay bar in America.

This will prompt gun sales, and internal conflict over gun rights and the Muslim invasion of America and Europe. The communists will benefit from this internal conflict in their quest to drive us into civil war and revolution. The jews will benefit from the increased likelihood of Western attacks on Islamic nations. The jews always seek chaos for they belief it provides them with the cosmic goo they need to reshape our world into the hell they have planned for us.

The guns rights issue is used by the jewish controlled government to prompt us to arm ourselves in preparation for the revolution and civil wars the jews have planned for us. They do not want real gun control, rather they want us to be armed to the teeth when we commence to slaughtering each other.

We should seize on this moment to reform what is ours into its intended state. America was founded as a White homeland and national sanctuary to safeguard our fundamental rights and our blood. The presence of these alien elements not only has cost us our blood, their acts of terrorism are used as a pretext to take away our rights. So let us take political action to not only stop the invasion of our shores by Middle Easterners, Asians including Indians and Pakis, and Africans; but also to repatriate those who are already here and take back our homeland from them.

Gays, typically quite liberal and welcoming of hostile alien elements, should realize that Islam will exterminate them and is already killing them off. Communists, too, have always killed off gays. Gays are not only foolish to embrace the jewish agendas of communism and internationalism, they are suicidal for doing so. The jews are using gays to provoke civil unrest and to provide a pretext for hate crimes laws and gun regulations that will strip us of our liberty, but they are killing you off to meet this agenda.