Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Jews Are Deliberately Crashing the Markets in Defense of Internationalism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Judging by the jews' reaction to Great Britian's withdrawal from the suicidal EU, you would think that nuclear war had started. The media and the jews are doing all they can to crash the markets so as to create the false image that nationalism is to blame for economic crises. Instead, it is the jews who are to blame.

It was the jewish socialists who brought about Great Britian's decline by turning the working class against British industrialism. The jews brought England and Germany into global conflict, twice. The jews brought England into conflict with Islam through Disraeli on down, relentlessly drawing them into the Middle East and making them the champions of the zionist anti-Islamic cause and artificial enemies of Muslim. In recent times, it is the jews who have been flooding Great Britain with a foreign invasion, including the Muslims whom the jews have made enemies of the British.

Now that the British are taking baby steps to regain their independence, it is the jews who are trying to bring down the whole world to stop them. The artificial market crash is only the beginning. The jews will now really turn up the heat on false flag terrorism and create all kinds of civil unrest in Great Britain, turning young against old, foreign against domestic, workers against industry, etc. They will foment Scottish and Irish resentment towards England, and do all they can to make Great Britain a failure. And yet, the Brits will do absolutely nothing to fight back against the jews.

This is the danger of the Trump, Farage and Le Pen trio and their refusal to take on the jews, instead supporting the jews and Israel over the interests of Western Civilization. We need authentic leaders, not puppets of the jews who take money from Russia and jewry.

The Communist Media Performs a Volte-face on the Threats We Face from Putin, Russia and China

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When Putin staged a coup in the Ukraine, the Western crypto-communist media, both mainstream and alternative, tried to convince us that the communist armies of Russia and China were invincible and that Putin could and would outwit anyone in the West, the communists having artificially separated Russia from the West against all of its previous traditions. Therefore, so claimed the brainwashing mantra of the communist media, we guardians of Western Civilization had better not do anything to meet our obligations to defend the Ukraine and Crimea from communist Russia. We had better instead lay down and die, given that, according to the communists, we have no right to exist anyway.

Now that Putin's puppets are gaining traction and Great Britain has elected to leave the EU, the communists want to dismantle NATO. The jews are now trying to make us believe the non sequitur that because the EU is bad, NATO is worse. To sell this lie, the jews must do an about face and claim that America is the only super power, that Russia and China are weak, and that we have nothing to fear from Putin because he is inept. Otherwise, the obvious need for a strong NATO will remain apparent.

The jews and their mouthpieces Trump, Farage and Le Pen, who have called for the death of NATO at Putin's behest, now show their undiluted jewish colors and call for NATO to change its mission and become the slave army of Israel, relentlessly attacking Muslim countries in the name of fighting Islamic terrorism. They want NATO to fulfill Netanyahu's long term desire for America and Europe to lay to waste all of Islam.

NATO was formed to defend Western Civilization and the White Race from communism, and the jews would change that mission of self preservation to our laying down before communist aggression, while consuming ourselves fighting wars for the jews. Trump, Farage and Le Pen are their pitchmen and woman, misleading us to accept the patently absurd notion that it is in our nationalistic best interests to subvert our national defense and the international alliances of Western Civilization, for the benefit of KGB Putin, Communist Russia and Red China, and, more importantly for them, Israel.

If anything, NATO ought to be destroying the blacks who are genociding Whites in Southern Africa, not further destroying our nations with more senseless and unprovoked wars against Islam. It is Putin's ISIS that is providing the pretext for more self consuming wars for the jews. The jews create the problem and then propose the supposed solution that only makes things worse for us, by design.

Expect, too, that Trump, Farage and Le Pen will also change the mission of our nuclear defenses to defending Israel, rather than protecting the West from communist aggression. Recall that it was the jews who betrayed us and armed the communists with nuclear weapons, thereby preventing White hegemony and guaranteed survival. The jews and their spokesmen like Chuck Hagel, have long been calling for the West to surrender its nuclear arsenal, some even going so far as to claim that only Israel has a right to nuclear weapons and is the only nation we should trust with them.

Our traitorous presidents from Clinton to the present have been providing the Chinese with the technology and other means to develop their nuclear arsenal. They have also been subverting our military might in countless ways including the erosion of our nuclear capabilities and the transfer of strategically important territories from America and our allies to communist Russia and Red China.

The long term effects of these subversive and destructive policies, if left unchecked, will lead to our inevitable demise.

Trump is rapidly losing his support due to his brown nosing war mongering for Israel and his subversion of American interests in favor of the jews and Russia. He has lost much credibility even with the Christian zionists, by sucking up to the homosexuals and calling for war for the jews ad nauseam. We Americans want no more war!

Trump had better stop being relentlessly negative. Trump is making us bitter and bitter towards him. He can make the same and better arguments by being positive. For example, rather than only demonstrating how immigrants are literally murdering our citizens, he can demonstrate how our lives will improve when they are sent back to where they came from. He can demonstrate that traffic will be much lighter, hospitals, schools, places of recreation, housing, etc. will be less crowded and the cost of living will go down as the standard of living goes up. He can prove how wages will improve for us and how our children will become better educated and have increased chances of being accepted into the best colleges and universities.

Trump better increase his likeability, because he is going to go hard negative against Clinton and without good things to say about America and our future, he will increasingly turn off the voters.

It is important to emphasize the Clintons' ties to our communist enemies. Bill Clinton opened up our markets to them and gave them the green light to take over not only our industries but helped them develop their nuclear capabilities. Bill and Hillary have strong ties to jewish globalism going way back. They gave our country away and absolutely cannot be depended upon to do anything for our benefit.

Friday, June 24, 2016

It Is 5600 BC All Over Again, And the World Is Upside Down

The Brits have wisely decided to abandon the sinking EU ship to the third world. Great Britain has reawakened to the fact that it is an island adrift from the Continent. It's isolation is its strength. We Americans should learn from the fact that the waters of the ocean safeguard US, and we must cease to invite in a foreign invasion that will surely destroy and then completely replace us.

The British Isles departed from the Continent circa 5600 BC, and from the jewish tyranny of the EU in 2016 AD. Symbolically, the head of the snake fell off and the jew Cameron has fittingly resigned his post as captain of the Island, leaving to it sail on without his misdirection

The jews are punishing the Brits by attacking their financial world, as the jews always do when things do not go their way. Let us hope the Brits do not fall into the jew communists' trap and that they do NOT also abandon NATO.

I am noticing that many midwest farmers supported Sanders and reject Hillary Clinton. Not sure if this will translate into a majority of new support for Trump or not. Nobody likes Hillary Clinton, not even Bill. He prefers fat young jewesses who roll their own, to his betrothed witch from hell.

There is a lot of closet support for Trump, sort of like that for David Duke. Many people won't say it loudly, but they will vote for Trump, mostly due to the image he has as being anti-immigrant, which he really is not. They ought to also support him for speaking out against the unfair trade practices of China, Mexico, etc. But I think most of the support is an anti-immigrant sentiment which is growing and rising around the world.

We need more White children in America, so do your part and vote and make babies. Trump talks a lot about ISIS, but why is he not talking about the terrorism against Whites taking place in Southern Africa? Why cannot NATO support those of European blood in Africa, rather than spill White blood for Israel in the Middle East?

Learn from Great Britain the importance of keeping America intact and isolated by the defensible moatlike oceans from our enemies. Do not invite our enemies or competitors in, and do not call for the secession from any of territory, which isolates US by means of two great oceans from the hordes who seek to first occupy, then evict us.

The British Isles are again a sanctuary in the sea. The British must now repatriate the invading hordes of Asians and Africans, and send back also the Continentals, who belong among their own. British blood is not Slavic and should not mix with it.

As always, if you click on the pictures, a larger version will open up.

Corny Beef on Jewish Wry (HUMOR)

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews regularly wreak havoc on humanity, but today takes the cake, or rather, the sandwich. Shopping for a snack at the grocery store, I grabbed what I thought was a corned beef on rye sandwich, only to discover it was a corned beefish on jewish ryeish breadish.

I have had real rye bread in Germany, and from Baltic and Russian bakeries, and it is a heavy, rich, peasant bread. It is chewy and chunky and filling and gives you what you need to work through the day. The coarseness of it makes you feel the mill in your stomach grinding to digest it. A loaf of it will anchor a good sized ship, or man. It is nothing like the ethereal wonder bread of jewish ryeish.

The jewish ryeish sandwich was pale and insubstantial, kind of weak, but tricky, sort of the Peter Lorre* of breads. It lured me in and I bought into it. . . until I bit into it.

The general outline of it leads you to believe it is bread, lets you hope it is bread, but then it crumbles into powder and disappointment in your mouth, struggling down your gagging throat like a dry snake, only to curl up into a painful ball in your bawling belly. Shoddy goods at inflated prices, such was my encounter with jewish wryish. Explains why the jewish comedian Charlie Chaplan ate his shoe, it had more substance.

Here I am, the Frying Dutchman wondering America and baking in the midday heat.

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Malodorous Scent of the KGB

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The KGB/FSB has thoroughly infiltrated western media, both mainstream and alternative. They have also generated a new breed of politicians who do their bidding.

Fortunately, these communists are easy to sniff out and their tracks are deep and distinctive. But the politicians take a slightly different tack from the alternative media propagandists and pundits.

The KGB wants to prevent Christians and Muslims from ever uniting against the jews. The KGB also wants to expand communist territory to include all of Europe, Australia and North and South America. It is their goal to subvert NATO and SEATO and turn them against Islam, so as destroy both Islam and the West.

Russia used to consider itself an important member of Western Civilization. The KGB has sought to spoil that relationship and render Russia Asian, rather than European. The KGB has infiltrated and subverted the Russian Orthodox Church to make it anti-Western and anti-Fascist. The communists no longer struggle against the Bourgeoisie. Instead, they battle against the West and nonexistent Fascists, whom they fabricate from dissident movements in the West.

The supposedly nationalistic politicians the KGB have constructed can be identified by the fact that they are rabidly anti-Islamic, while vehemently pro-jewish, most often with strong familial ties to jewry and Israel, as in the instance of the Trumps and the Le Pens. These politicians ensure that Christians and Muslims never, ever unite against the jews. At the same time, the communists have installed internationalist politicians, who flood the West with Muslims, in the hopes of destroying White blood, White cohesion and the continued existence of Western Civilization.

The communists want a third world war in order to fulfil jewish messianic prophecy. Their jewish plan is to pit Islam and Christianity against one another and leave the jews standing as rulers of the ruined Earth. It would upset their plans if Islam and Christianity worked together for their mutual benefit to throw off the yoke of the jews from humanity. This is why Putin created ISIS in order to pit Muslims and Christians against one another and provide a pretext for war weary and wary America to again invade and destroy Muslim nations, which will in turn cause an even greater influx of Muslims into Europe and America, and destroy Europe and America in self consuming wars fought for the benefit of the jews against the best interests of the West.

ISIS also attacks on Putin's orders to profit Putin's politicians, Trump and the Le Pens, by promoting their anti-Islamic crusades. It helps Putin create and maintain a rift between the artificially pro-gay West and the artificially anti-gay KGB and the Muslim world, shaking the fault lines to separate us into two opposing camps on the most unimportant, irrelevant and senseless, but yet thoroughly emotional levels and issues.

Assets of the KGB in the alternative media bear several revealing characteristics. They relentlessly attack America, the West and NATO, while pretending to be patriots of Western nations. They also attack gays, and promote an emotional and delusion anti-Islamic interpretation of Christianity, especially promoting the KGB's Russian Orthodox Church over any Western church.

These pundits and propagandists for the KGB are staunch Russian and Putin apologists--the real tell. They often assert that they are Fascists, but promote communist personalities, interests, icons and images, while railing against Western Civilization and our alliances.

The KGB alternative media is also heavily focused on attacking Islam and preventing any unity between Western Civilization and Islam against jewry.

To the Muslims, they promote hatred of the West and blame every event on false flag terrorism supposedly done by the West, but often truly the product of the KGB. To the West, they promote an often irrational hatred of Muslims, and again scapegoat America for all the crimes of the Russians and Chinese against America and Western Civilization. They are apologists for Putin, Russia, North Korea and China, and viciously attack America and NATO.

They call for revolution and secession in the West, trying to balkanize us and pit us against ourselves and our governments for the benefit of the communists. And they want war against Islam, especially and currently Putin's organ of attack and destabilization, ISIS, which Putin has sent into nearly all of Islam in preparation for world war.

If you want to know what the smell of billions of rotting corpses will be, catch of whiff of the KGB. It will be easy to find, for it is blowing in the winds all over the world.