Saturday, July 02, 2016

Eli! Eli! Why Hast Thou Foresaken Him? Elie the Weasel Has Died!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Elie Wiesel has died. I will let his corpse grow colder before commenting further on that vastly overrated phony fool.

Is Donald Trump a Graphic Artist?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The media are abuzz with talk about a tweet Trump made depicting Hillary Clinton surrounded by hundred dollar bills, and next to a badge in the form of a six pointed star, like the star of david, which accused Clinton of corruption. I doubt Trump made this image, so who did? Could it have been an act of sabotage?

I also wonder who the man was who asked Trump to respond to the fact that the US military is fighting wars for zionist Israel. Twice bitten, now shy? I wonder if the snake Trump has invited into his life and his campaign has now bitten him, twice?

The Jews are known for turning on their advocates. It is only a matter time before they will turn on Trump, if they have not already. Look at how they scapegoat Bush for their Middle Eastern wars. Remember, Trump, like Aesop said, it is the nature of scorpions to sting, even if it means their own death. Snakes have no loyalty or honor. All they know is to bite and you are in bed with a nest of them.

We Can Rally Around the Flag. . . and Nature, Peace and Normalcy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Trump is rallying us around the flag, but he is doing so to cause us to rally around the robber barons, warmongers and perverts.

I suspect that Trump is promoting the Constitution selectively to favor the jews who want to pillage our country. I fear he will call for a gold standard and hand over our gold to the jews as payment on the National debt they deliberately created. He may give away our national forests and other lands to the Chinese, Japanese and jews to further pay down the debt by giving away our national heritage to the jews and their preferred replacements for the White Race.

Trump is calling for Constitutional freedom so that he can free up the jews to practice laissez faire capitalism and rob us of all our treasure, and repeal any regulations which would prevent the jews from raping the land, water and air, as well as the American worker. Instead, Trump should be relying on the Constitution to call for the prosecution of the jews who have subverted our nation, to impeach the jews and their puppets in government as traitors, and to repudiate our debts to the jewish usurers.

Trump is rallying us around the flag, and the Bible, to impose the jewish corrupted Christian zionist world view on America, rendering us debt slaves and slave soldiers for the jews. In the guise of Nationalism, he is turning us against our nation and our best interests, in favor of the jews and Israel. And Trump is calling for our international alliances to also become servants of jewry, not America. All to drive us into more self consuming wars in the Middle East for the benefit of the jews who want to weaken us, destroy Muslim nations and flood White countries with the refugees they deliberately create for the purpose of diluting our blood and removing our rights of self determination and sovereignty.

Trump is confusing Americanism with sexual perversion and rallying us around the flag so that the jews can turn the stars and stripes into the LGBT flag. He is confusing flags just as the jews confuse the sexes.

It is the jews who inspire politicians to conflate rallying around the flag with warmongering, the destruction of nature and sexual perversion. We need not oblige them.

We should love America by putting our national interests first, not Israel's. We should love America by embracing peace, not waging more war for the jews. We should love America by safeguarding our treasure, our gold, our land, our water, our air, from jewish capitalists who will take them all from us as fast as Trump will allow. And we should rally around the flag as the normalcy it has signified from the founding of the country, and the beliefs of our Founding Fathers, which in no wise mirror Trump's ofttimes perverse vision for our country as if the guardian of Israel, land of perversions and cornucopia for the exploitation of jewish usurers and thieves.

Slick Willy, Caught with His Pants Down Again, Lynched Hillary and Obama by Accident

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The corruption of the Clinton clan knows no bounds! Bill Clinton, known as the first black President before mullato Obama bounced into office on the backs of Goldman Sachs, Bill Clinton had a little rendezvous with the black Attorney General of the United States under Obama, Loretta Lynch. This, while Hillary Clinton is being investigated.

This fiasco lays bare the naked corruption of the Obama administration, the Clintons, and the anti-White racial insiders occupying Washington. Hopefully, Bill has unwittingly lynched Hillary's chances of victory in her bid to become the first woman president, and maybe she is also planning to come out of the closet and become the first lesbian president, or even better for the jews who want to destroy us, the first transgender president. The possibilities are seemingly as endless as the corruption in the anti-White House.

Compare and contrast the easy access black Bill has to benefit from insider injustice, to the denial of any justice to Whites who were attacked by antifa terrorists in Sacramento, California. Hell, the injustice to the whole State of California and America of the Mexican and Asian invasion which has wrested California from White hands. Is the subverted and occupied Federal government too corrupt and busy covering up its own crimes, to worry itself about the fundamental constitutional rights of Whites? Or are they covertly involved in the terrorism itself? We know they have opened the gates for the invasion.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Putin's Man, Chechen Akhmed Chatayev, Is Thought to Be the Mastermind Behind the Turkish Terrorist Attack

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Putin's KGB created the ISIS terrorist Akhmed Chatayev and may have tasked him with conducting a terrorist attack in Turkey to reward Erdogan for rapprochement with Russia. Putin also wants to lure NATO member Turkey and the rest of NATO away from their mission of defending us from Russia and communism, and redirect our efforts to fighting the Muslim bogeyman of the KGB's ISIS terrorist network around the globe, but primarily in the Middle East, which benefits the jews and ruins us. The bolsheviks were always terrorists, and so they remain. But why are our leaders falling for this ruse, or are they also communists who wittingly oblige the plan and throw the game to favor Putin?

Though the crypto-communist alternative media seek to scapegoat America for ISIS, all indications are that Putin and Israel are behind it. It is a common communist tactic to scapegoat the USA for communist and other jewish crimes.

Trump and the Black Vote

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The democrats have a lock on the black vote. They control the political machine in most major cities where blacks live. They control the media blacks generally see and hear. They are organized to draw out the black vote.

Trump is not well enough organized to even bring out the White vote, let alone the black vote. The best Trump can hope for at this point with respect to the black vote, is to keep the democratic party from inspiring a massive turn out of black voters against Trump. I do not think that the democrats will succeed in motiving blacks in large numbers to vote for Hillary, only, perhaps, against Trump.

But Trump must be careful not to pander to blacks, because he does not want to alienate himself from his White base and Latino Americans who will vote. Trump is handling this fairly well to date, by pointing out how the invasion is costing blacks their jobs, but he should also point out, in general terms so as not to be offensive or condescending, that the invaders are squandering government funds, crowding public schools, occupying scarce housing, and lowering the standard of living for city dwellers in countless ways, including increasing pollution, consuming water reserves, causing traffic jams, crowding public places, etc.

Trump should also point out how democratic mayors including Rahm Emanuel and Michael Bloomberg have been a disaster for our inner cities. He should question why the poor and downtrodden have been so loyal to the democrats who gave us the banker bailout and who are selling out the American worker and American businesses. Trump has done a great deal of the latter. It will continue to work for him. He should build a political machine, which we can commandeer from him at a later date. He needs more political organization and the republican party is not supply it to him.

What Trump Does Not Say Is Quite Telling

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump is very focused in his message. He states many important truths and it is greatly beneficial to our country that he does so. I commend him for it.

But what Trump does not say tells us a lot about who is behind him, and what his hidden agenda is. For example, Trump could and should discuss Putin's theft of the Crimea and Putin's threats of nuclear attack against the USA, but he does not. He could and should further discuss how Putin and Russia have been granted a license by the Obama administration and Clinton to steal vital strategic territory from the USA. He could and should also point out that Putin is not the strongman working for his people that the media portrays, but rather is selling Russia out to communism and the communist Chinese who are invading Russia and stealing its precious natural resources. It would be in Trump's interest to point out these facts which portray Clinton and the democrats in a very bad light, but Trump remains largely silent on these most important issues, and instead calls NATO obsolete and declares that the communist threat is gone. What conflicts of interest drive Trump's silence and his outright lies?

Trump could and should discuss the jews' disproportionate and grossly destructive influence on America. If Trump wants to make America great again he must identify and confront our worst enemy, the jews. Instead of scapegoating Bush for the jewish crimes of the Middle Eastern wars, he could and should reveal how the jews drove us to war through their control of media and the warmongering of the jewish neocons and crypto-jews Kerry and Albright. Trump could and should point out the horribly disproportionate over representation of jews on the Supreme Court, and profession of law in general and its disastrous consequences for America. This is a timely and pressing matter as the next President of the USA will appoint justices to the Supreme Court. Does Trump plan give White America more representation, or will he continue the trend of appointing disloyal and subversive jews to the Supreme Court? Trump is silent on these very important, relevant and timely issues, why? What conflicts of interest prevent Trump from telling the obvious truth and exposing it to forward his stated agenda of making America great again?

Trump could and should analyze how jewish banking firms put Obama in power and he immediately rewarded them with the banker bailout and utterly failed to properly prosecute them for their crimes. What conflict of interest precludes Trump's elucidation of these facts for the American voter?

Trump takes on the Mexicans and the Muslims, but never tells the truth about how the jews created these problems for us. He ought to start addressing the disease if he wants to propose a cure. Instead, he pretends to treat the symptoms in ways which will only ultimately benefit the jews and drag us further into wars and away from our critical alliances against communism.

I suspect the jews have some surprises in store for Trump, which he does not expect. I suspect the day may soon come when jews turn on him. He has lain in bed with snakes and it is their nature to bite, as Trump knows, though Trump fails to address or protect us from the jewish snake within our nation:

It will be ironic when the jewish snake turns and bites him.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trump Calls an America First Question, "Nasty!"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In a question and answer session at his rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, Trump was confronted with the issue of our squandering our military resources for zionist Israel in the Middle East. Trump responded that he would defend Israel 100% and used the psychological tactic of calling on the crowd to cheer in support of Israel. The crowd was luke warm in response.

Trump then called the question, "Nasty!" That is a response he gave to no other issue. A member of the audience challenged Trump's assertion that we should back Israel 100% by stating that we should back America 100%. Trump somewhat grudgingly agreed that we should be behind America 100% without acknowledging his conflict of interest in supporting war mongering Israel against and over American interests.

The old man who first raised the issue and stood up for our American interests is a real American hero. Bless him! He has real guts. He exposed Trump and his agenda, which would otherwise be so positive for our country. I do not even care if he was a jew himself.

Trump's speech on trade was very good and will win him the election. We have to ensure that as he attempts Autarky, he does not allow the Jews to rape us and our land, air and water, the way they raped Russia after the jewish "Russian" revolution, when the jews Lenin and Trotsky shipped out train cars of Russian gold to the jewish bankers who created the revolution and murdered the Czar and his family.

Trump is a real suck up to the jews. It is disgusting! It is the jews who are destroying America, and Trump calls upon us to praise them as if they are beyond reproach on any issue. He is their surrogate Shabbos goy. We had better be very careful with Trump.

Do Not Look to Communist Vladimir Putin to Save You, He Is One of the Authors of Your Demise

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For many years, I have been warning Europeans about the genocidal doctrines of the EU which were openly advocated by Albert Einstein’s friend Georg Nicolai and the Rothschild/Warburg freemason Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. Let me again warn Europeans, especially the British, not to fall into the trap of looking to KGB Vladimir Putin for support to save yourself from the jewish genocide of the White Race.

The communists have openly planned at least since 1849 to genocide European races and nations. Marx and Engels advocated the genocide of nations which would not abide jewish communism. One of the more recent and well known jewish pleas to genocide Whites came in Karl Marx's organ Neue Rheinische Zeitung and was issued by his cohort Freidrich Engels:

"These remnants of a nation mercilessly crushed in the course of history, as Hegel says, this national garbage will always be, and will remain until their complete extirpation or denationalization, the fanatical bearers of the counter-revolution, just as their whole existence in general is a protest against a great historical revolution. [***] The general war which will then break out will shatter these Slavic special federations and exterminate all these little bull-headed nations right down to their names. The next world war will not only eliminate reactionary classes and dynasties, it will also erase entire reactionary peoples from the face of the earth. And that constitutes an improvement."

"Diese Reste einer von dem Gang der Geschichte, wie Hegel sagt, unbarmherzig zertretenen Nation, diese Völkerabfälle werden jedesmal und bleiben bis zu ihrer gänzlichen Vertilgung oder Entnationalisierung die fanatischen Träger der Kontrerevolution, wie ihre ganze Existenz überhaupt schon ein Protest gegen eine große geschichtliche Revolution ist. [***] Der allgemeine Krieg, der dann ausbricht, wird diesen slawischen Sonderbund zersprengen und alle diese kleinen stierköpfigen Nationen bis auf ihren Namen vernichten. Der nächste Weltkrieg wird nicht nur reaktionäre Klassen und Dynastien, er wird auch ganze reaktionäre Völker vom Erdboden verschwinden machen. Und das ist auch ein Fortschritt."--Friedrich Engels, "Der magyarische Kampf", Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Number 194, (13 January 1849).

Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin are dyed in the wool career Marxists and see as their mission the destruction European races and nations. They will not help you, are not opposed to one another, and are working together to genocide the White Race on behalf of the jews, the authors of communism and the extermination of European races.

Almost as Soon as I Predicted It, It Happened

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For quite some time, I have been warning that the jews and communists would sabotage NATO, commandeer it for their own purposes and redirect its mission from defending Whites and Western Civilization from jewish communism, to fighting wars in the Middle East for the benefit of the jews and to the detriment of Whites. These jewish wars, will not only further rob us of our strength, but will again serve as a pretext for the jews to flood our lands with Muslims and feed the cycle of our destruction and ultimately our extinction.

I recently predicted that the jews will do the same to our nuclear defenses. A member of Congress from Illinois is now calling for us to stop spending money on our nuclear defenses and redirect those funds to fighting jewish manufactured terrorism. It is clear whom the jews want to win the upcoming nuclear war they have been planning for 2,500 years, and it ain’t US.

The jews are doing all they can to weaken Western Civilization and Islam, pitting us against each other and integrating us into mutual conflict, as the jews strengthen the communists. Putin is using his terrorist organ ISIS to drive NATO out it is mission, and send the West into self consuming wars in the Middle East. The communist international is its own terrorism to serve as a pretext for stripping us of our rights, our defenses from the communists, and to sap our strength and flood us with internal enemies in its quest to drive us into communist revolution.

And it is working because the communists control the supposed opposition leadership of Trump, Farage and Le Pen. We need authentic leadership and now. Until we organize it, we need to exploit the faux leadership of Trump, Farage and Le Pen to drive them to serve our needs, or admit that they are serving Putin and his ISIS, by fighting it, and not our jewish enemy, and in so doing, consuming us as the jews grow stronger at our expense.

I Told You Putin Was Behind the ISIS Attack on Attaturk Airport, and that the Timing of the Attack Was No Coincidence!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

See: Istanbul airport attackers 'Russian, Uzbek and Kyrgyz'

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Will Trump Bring Back the Robber Barons and Plunder Our Land in the Name of Freedom?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The National Socialists employed the concept of Autarky, whereby a nation guarantees its national independence by producing for itself all that it needs. Trump is beginning to talk in like terms, and I am all for American Autarky. We have the need and the means to achieve it and in short order.

But I do not trust Trump, the business man, and his associations are really bad people who are chomping at the bit to exploit our land, air, water and work force. These really bad people are jews who care not about any nation other than Israel, and who have no historic, religious or cultural ties to our land or our people.

To the jews, Americans are Goyim slaves to be worked to death and slaughtered by any and all means possible. The land of America is unholy and may be destroyed as an act of religious devotion, for the jews seek a new Earth after they destroy our Earth.

Trump thinks like Milton Friedman and Leo Strauss, and Trump may be setting us up for a new wave of jewish robber barons, just the way Obama set us up for the banker bailout. I predicted Obama would do that before Obama was even elected, long before. Now I am afraid I am obliged to predict that Trump plans to rape the land, air, water and Americans for all he and his jewish business partners can steal from us, in the name of their freedom and the need to improve the economy so we can pay our debts, our pound of flesh to the jewish usurers. Never does he call for debt repudiation, or the criminal prosecution of those who have led us into debt.

We have to hedge our bets with Trump and ensure that he does not give away our wealth and labor to the jews, the way that Obama, FDR and several other presidents have done. Climate change is already catastrophic. The National Socialists had a great love of the land, as Germans have for centuries always apportioning a certain percentage of the land to forests and parks.

Trump is talking like a strip miner type, who cares only about profits for the share holders who do no labor of their own. I suspect this is the type of freedom he has in mind, freedom for the jews to buy up land and rape it so that it is destroyed, freedom for the jews to pollute the air and water without paying any taxes to clean up the damage they will do, freedom for the jews to run monopolies and create currencies which will enslave us, those type of freedoms which we cannot allow an enemy within our land.

My predictions for Obama were 100% accurate. I hope I am wrong about Trump, because our race has failed in its duty to produce a political candidate for President who will serve us, and Hillary Clinton is a trained communist subversive who will give all we have away to Red China and genocide our race with invaders from non-White countries.

The Real Reasons Behind the Muslim Support for Brexit and the Terrorist Attack in Turkey

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The truth has come out as to why some Muslims, including Islamic politicians in Great Britain, supported Brexit. It is because they want to allow in more Muslims on the pretext of "passport equality". The EU favored Whites in immigration into Great Britain, and the Muslims want to make it equal for all the world to enter Great Britain without a passport, not just EU nations.

Once again, the heterogeneous population is undermining the best interests of the White indigenous population and has engineered a political demographic strategy which will make non-Whites the majority in Great Britain, at which point they will either slaughter or expel the Whites. Here we again see the danger of politicians like Barack Obama and the Muslim politicians in Great Britain, that their loyalties are anti-White and pro-immigration to produce a fundamental change in demographics which results in the conquest of the indigenous White population without the usual necessity of a war.

Farage wants to use Brexit as a pretext to destroy NATO, claiming that the EU is forming its own military and that the USA and Great Britain would be better served to work out their own independent alliances. We see now that the communist and zionist jewish agenda is advancing even in Brexit, as the Muslims push for increased and unrestricted immigration into Great Britain, and Putin's puppet pushes for the destruction of NATO and the cleavage of American and British alliances from White Europe, for the benefit of none but the communists.

The terrorist attack at Attaturk Airport, and Erdogan's overtures to Putin, further this same jewish agenda, in that they will be used to show that Russia is not a threat to NATO member Turkey, and that the mission of NATO ought to become to fight Middle Eastern wars against Muslim nations. Putin is pulling NATO away from its intended mission as a defense against Russian and Chinese communism, and directing it to favor the jews' war on Islam, which also consumes Western Civilization as it uses up its resources chasing Muslims into its own territory, so that they can become politicians and take action against the indigenous White population.

Be careful what you wish for when you are led, rather, misled by jewish puppets and anti-Whites.

The Terror Attack on Attaturk Airport and Putin's ISIS

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Trukey's leaders have long thrived on terrorism. The PKK was created by Mossad and run by the Doenmeh of Turkey in order to keep the military, which is also run by the Doenmeh, the power behind the throne.

Whenever there is a political crises, or simply when the ruler party needs support, or is waning in popularity, a terrorist attack miraculously occurs which fuels the people of Turkey to support their leadership. The timing of the Airport attack is telling. It came on the heels of Erdogan's supposed apology to Putin.

Putin runs ISIS, it is his Bolshevik terror organ through which he contrives pretexts for invasions, inspires the West to consume itself in more Middle Eastern wars, and rewards his political friends in NATO who call for its demise. It is interesting to note that Putin's allies in the West, Le Pen, Farage, Trump and now Erdogan have each and all profited immensely from Putin's ISIS terrorist attacks. Le Pen almost won her elections on the back of the Paris terrorist attack. Farage and the EU split came shortly after the Orlando terror attack. Trump profited politically after the San Bernardino attack. And now, when his popularity is faltering, but just after he extends an olive branch to Putin, Erdogan receives the gift of a terror attack, however it ultimately plays out for him. Interesting coincidences, are they not?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Brits Have a Golden Opportunity Which They Are Squandering Away

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The British have a glorious opportunity to create a new industrious society. Germany is being weakened by the influx of foreign invaders. The EU is teetering on the verge collapse.

The jews will seize upon this chaos to try to reshape Great Britain into an even more enslaved servant of their international empire. The British had better set forth some plans and put in power some leaders who will take advantage of this amorphous period to create a strong and productive society.

The jews rely upon the Greek myths of Zeus and Kronos to formulate their myths of the Ein Sof and their cabalistic doctrine that chaos is good because it enables the jews to form the world in chaos into whatever shape benefits them. They will do this to Britain if the British are not wise and industrious enough to capture the opportunity for their own benefit.

I could help them create new monetary and economic formulas to grow the nation's economy. I could also help them to establish public policies that serve the best interests of indigenous British. But they must act soon, for the jews are eager to mislead them into the abyss and make an example of them to the world not to separate from the global jewish empire, or else.

The British need to define that else for themselves, or the jews will do it for them and it will not be good.

Trump Should Give a Speech on Taking California Back

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

California is one of America’s greatest treasures. We are losing it to Mexicans and Asians simply because our politicians, against our will and all rational principles, are giving it away to them.

Traveling around the nation I have frequently witnessed White women schooling and tutoring large groups of Mexican and Asian children. I have seen many libraries providing ESL classes to illegals free of charge to them, but at the expense of the American tax payer. The race is dying and we are using our declining resources to the benefit of increasing the populations of our enemies and competitors on our own soil.

Trump should chart some statistics and show how the politicians are giving away California, Texas, Arizona, etc. to foreign invaders, and the precious and irreplaceable value to us of these extraordinary lands which make them so attractive to our enemies.

He would reach a large body of the electorate with this message. Driving the illegals out of these States would greatly improve their economies and end the flight of Americans fleeing the crime and degradation of living with these third world scum. Should we take back California, not only will the valuable citizens return, but they will feel the hope needed for the White Race to breed properly and develop strong families.

Whites are not breeding normally under the stress of these invasions of our lands. The politicians propose that the solution is to increase the pace of invasion so as to replace us, rather than serve the interests of the citizens and promote fertility and family.

I hope that Trump talks about making California American again, and the prosperity it will promote. I also hope he talks about granting families the freedom and economic means to expand and prosper and educate their children through graduate school in the schools now overcrowded with foreign invaders.

This message will resonate with a lot of people who are now despairing and refraining having more children, or any children at all.

We need to change the crypto communist secession talk of the libertarians, to a productive discussion of empowering Americans and growing our strength and expanding, rather than retreating and inviting more of enemies to our shores.

Trump Will Bury Clinton with This

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump today gave the speech which foreshadows his eventual victory over Hillary Clinton:

Trump calls for establishing American Autarky. He is using the Japanese model of favoring the nation's products, which built Japan into an industrial power house after leaving the ruins of World War II. Trump need only add that the industrial manufacturing capital for these new factories will also be American, but this is implied in all he said.

Trump is exposing the Clintons as the treasonous snakes they are, revealing how they sold us out to China and Mexico. Al Gore was another member of the nest. Trump should also disclose how the Clintons encouraged and empowered the Chinese nuclear industry which the Chinese are using to build nuclear bombs with which to threaten us and slaughter our children.

This was Trump's best speech to date. It was cerebral and inspiring. It ran completely counter to the false image the media is attempting to create that Clinton is the more intellectual and effective leader. Trump can and will win with this approach, mixing it up with his other successful stylish campaign strategies.

He needs the right audience for this talk, and he needs the for Dummies version of the speech as well. This backs Clinton into a corner from which she cannot escape. It shows that Trump can lead and has a vision we can and should follow. Clinton cannot match it on any level. Trump has just crushed the head of the snake and the body will soon follow.

Let Germany Be a Lesson to You

We do not want Hillary Clinton for President. She will be worse than Obama, and will flood America with Middle Easterners, Asians and Africans, just like career communist Angela Merkel has done to Germany, only worse.

Both Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel have been carefully groomed at the highest levels of the communist international to lead the genocide of the White Race. They are the worst form of enemies, traitors.

If you want to know what Clinton will bring to America, look at what career communist Angela Merkel has brought Germany. Hundreds of millions of Asians, Middle Easterners and Africans are headed our way should another Clinton take the office of the White House, I mean Mulatto House.

Fighting for Their Lives and the Race in Sacramento

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Groups of Whites planned to peacefully gather in Sacramento and speak up on behalf of the White Race in public. They pulled their permits and abided by all laws.

An organized mob of antifa set about to murder them. The intent was clear. The antifa want to intimidate anyone of like mind so that they never dare to express their views. The antifa committed numerous Federal and State felonies and the FBI should investigate them and arrange a sting operation to wrap a net tightly around them from which they cannot hide or escape.

The antifa used interstate communications to organize their terroristic attack on White Americans, an attack carefully designed to murder, intimidate and suppress the civil rights of Americans. It is very likely that some of them crossed State lines to pursue these crimes.

It is the clear intent of the antifa to intimidate citizens across the country and deny them their civil liberties, their constitutionally protected rights to freely assemble and to speak freely, without fear of any violence directed against them. Where do we find law enforcement investigating, apprehending and prosecuting these murderous terrorists? This a violent interstate terrorist gang. They wear masks while committing felonies, and if that is not an aggravating offense, then it ought to be. It is certainly cowardly, as is the fact that the antifa openly solicit increased numbers so that they can easily overwhelm any effort at self defense.

The American People ought to be collectively outraged not only at these cowardly and murderous terrorist attacks, but also at the failure of law enforcement to bring the perpetrators to justice and prevent these attacks on our citizens and our most valued fundamental constitutional rights. They were worse than the Islamic terrorists if only in their cowardice. Like all communists they use the mass force of outnumbering their victims to both intimidate and attempt murder. These terrorists are cold blooded and calculating killers who are out to strip us of our rights and our lives.

The FBI ought to stage a gathering and set up a drag net to lure in and capture these mask wearing murderers. This will have a necessary chilling effect on these attacks and restore law and order, so that those who choose to speak freely in public can do so without fear of a murderous mob descending upon them with clubs and butcher knives. What these criminals fear most is going to jail, and that is why these criminals don masks. Law enforcement must protect the citizenry and guarantee our rights, or they will prove themselves to be accessories to these unconstitutional crimes.

These murderous thugs are worse than the strike busters of old. As then, it is probable that there is a dark deeply monied force hiding behind them. Antifa came out of the jews of the Soviet Union, and it would not be surprising to discover that Russians, especially Russian jews, are involved in their attacks.

Whites are fighting for their lives and for the White Race in the streets of Sacramento. We ought to be calling the governor of the State of California and demanding justice for the victims and police and prosecutorial protection for our fundamental rights. The police and the politicians have a lot to answer for after this outrage.

The antifa terrorists are placing all of our lives, and our fundamental constitutional rights, in danger. It is clear that the anti-Whites want to take away our rights so that they can take away our lives and our race.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

On Birthrights, Duty and Privilege: When Heroes Are Dubbed "Haters" the Race Is in Danger of Extinction

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

America has endured an ongoing historical struggle to define itself in classical terms. The jews have exploited these growing pains as a means to destroy European peoples. American soil is entirely composed of recently conquered territory, whether those lands were taken directly by our American ancestors, or purchased from other European conquerors.

Once a source of pride, the jews have turned our history on its head and made these facts a supposed source of shame, the sore of shame meant to deceive us into self hatred and suicide. Our forefathers defined being an American as the rights and duties of citizenship and established the requirement of White blood for citizenship in this new sanctuary for the White Race and White freedom.

Soon, we developed unique cultures and sets of accents and dialects. But being French, English or German long meant more than this. These nations bore their own languages which incorporated their unique thoughts and histories. One can accurately describe typical English, French and German facial features and other genetic traits. Each of these nations has preserved its national identity despite having changed governments many times. These nationalities are more than systems of governments and borders, they are blood and its ancestral soil. A German in France is just that.

Being American meant for a very long time being White, free and willing to defend liberty, distrustful of government and pride in one's European heritage. It was illegal for the races to mix and entirely legal to discriminate as the right of a free person to choice and association.

The jews exerted their pernicious influence on America as they have on every unfortunate nation they have infested. The jews brought in boatload after boatload of primitive African savages, whom they auctioned off as slaves, jews bearing the largest percentage of slave owners in the country. Having created a fault line for conflict, the jews led us to fight a brothers' war against ourselves and our national existence. The jews financed both sides of the conflict they created so that the war would be long and horribly destructive, our bloodiest to date.

Having divided the Whites against themselves, the jews made the blacks citizens. The nation immediately went into decline, and the jews manufactured depression upon depression to oppress the White Race in America and rob it of its wealth and rights of sovereignty. The jews stripped American Whites of right after right leaving us politically naked before our enemies, a process which continues in full force to this day, where the jews have crimilized classes of thought and speech, and discriminate against Whites who express speech which the jewish censors wish to suppress.

And, the jews have robbed us of our legal sanctions and protections which safeguarded us against racial and national traitors and treason. The State once defended our race from race mixers, this defense having always been the rational and traditional policy and practice of every sensible people on Earth and before nations, of tribes.

Since the jews have deliberately and incessantly turned the State against the natural rights of Whites, it is increasingly becoming the duty of individuals to defend their national and racial birthrights, as humans and other animals have always done. Knowing this and fearing it, the jews seek to crucify and render a pariah any person or group who stand up in defense of the nation, Whites' sovereign rights, Whites' right to government which represents their best self interest above all else, and the other rights the founders of our nation secured for White citizens, especially when these courageous Americans act on their own behalf rather than merely talking and complaining without taking action.

Having long ostracized those who engage in them, the jews are now criminalizing normal, natural, traditional and entirely logical conduct and speech which promote and ensure the continued survival and freedom of the White Race. The jews are shattering laws which defend and preserve normalcy and tradition, the safeguards of national and racial survival.

The jews have deliberately misled us into granting our enemies and competitors privileges in our nation which no foreigner should ever enjoy, privileges which are enabling them to eradicate us and overtake our territory. I predict that individuals will increasingly act on behalf of the race and nation to do what the subverted State fails to do and even proscribes. These heroes will not be acting out of hate, but rather the existential and entirely just need for survival and freedom.

Self preservation is not an act of hate, but of reason and justice. It is the jews who hate us and seek to eliminate our rights so that they can eliminate us.

The jews are desperately trying to preclude any possibility of organized opposition to their genocidal bolshevization of America, their deliberate destruction of the White Race, our nations and our rights and freedoms. Towards this dark and eternal end, the jews have fabricated the unprecedented myth of White privilege in our own ancestral lands. In so doing they degrade our race and deny our right to exist.

The jews have duped Whites, exploiting their genetic predisposition to altruism, into painting smears against the White Race on their own white faces. The jews also regularly dupe Whites into denigrating the White founders of our nation and into denigrating, defacing, vandalizing and removing any image which honors, celebrates or even simply recognizes White achievements or persons. The jews have a religious maxim which states, "Never praise a Goy!" The jews are trying to make it universal policy to never praise a White, the White Race or any White nation or its history.

It is indeed a privilege to be White, but one that can only be taken away by race mixing. It is an honor bestowed by Nature on the White Race.

But it is our birthright and our duty, not our privilege, to be sovereign in our own nations and to preserve and admire ourselves and our own kind. Again, it is not the exercise of any privilege when we entirely rationally and in accord with the most ancient and logical traditions and habits of innate human behavior choose to favor our own kind and preserve ourselves against the encroachments of others not of our kind. Such is our right and our duty. Such is our human nature and it is genocidal murder against us to deny us these rights and obstruct us from honoring our duties to ourselves and our kin and kind.

The immutable laws of Nature compel us to ostracize, punish and expel national and race traitors if we are to survive and perpetuate our kind. Logic and fact compel reasonable human beings to act in their own defense and in the defense of race and nation when a subverted government seeks to exterminate them, strip them of their national sovereignty and effectively mandates national and race treason through policies calculated to ensure the inevitable genocide of the White Race.

Our political process, while terribly corrupted by the jews, is still open to heroic defenders of country and race. The jews are rapidly closing the window of democratic process to Whites in their own territories through the deliberate genocidal demographic destruction of White majorities anywhere and everywhere. If we are to survive, we must act now.

Trump Is Slipping Up

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Given his circumstances, Trump is doing amazingly well and terribly poorly. The media and the republican party are universally against him in a way I have never seen before with a candidate in the general presidential election, and Trump ought to be buried by now, but is still within range of victory. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is a crippled candidate with two Achilles heels, and should be far behind Trump in the polls, but she has staggered ahead of him because Trump is starting to defeat himself.

Trump has been rolling along on his moment and it has ground to a halt. He had better put his nose to the grindstone and smell the smoke, the grain is burning and the millstones are blunt.

Trump was the shock jock of candidates in the primaries and it played well with the 30% of the Rush Limbaugh fan club types, but it is not working in the general election. Bush died early because "Bush" means neocon and we do not want to return to the era of the trotskyite neocon warmongers. Rubio and Cruz, both hispanics, made easy prey for an anti-hispanic campaign at the right time.

Trump has invested too heavily in the prospects that Clinton might be indicted and would lose all on her own. Trump has focused too narrowly on pushing his warmongering agenda, and not enough on core issues of pressing importance to Americans. He has relied too heavily on style, and not substance, and his appeal is wearing thin among a war weary public.

Trump needs to paint the entrenched rino republican party members attacking him as Hillary and banker backers. We know where neoconservatism has gotten us and we want no more of it, so Trump should stop lauding neocons like John Bolton and start serve American interests not Israeli interests.

Whites resent being blamed for every problem in America. The slogan make America great again lacks the substance Trump needs to keep his base energized. The media cover up anti-White crimes and hide the devastation blacks, Mexicans and increasingly Asians have wreaked upon America. Trump should show it and demand that we place the blame where it belongs so that we are just to ourselves and can solve the problems that confront us. Trump should demand justice for Whites and for America. Justice should become his new buzzword. It is unjust that politicians are giving our nation away to our enemies and do not represent but instead oppose us. It is unjust that our jobs are disappearing to immigrants. It is unjust to blame us for the disproportionate crime that blacks and Mexicans commit. It is unjust to drag us down to make things equally, equally bad. We should be free to excel in our own nation, and Trump should point out when called un-American, that America stands for the opportunity to fulfil our potential and Whites are unjustly being held back internationally.

It is unjust that politicians are flooding us with third worlders against our will. It is unjust and un-American that politicians are eviscerating the US Constitution to subvert it and us, and weaken us so that we join the third world and lose our genetic heritage and our territory.

I suggest Trump become the justice candidate and turn the tables on the media and republican party. Trump needs to pick just the right VP running mate. He needs to fight to win instead of resting on his business and primary laurels. Trump must show us and tell us what we have lost, what we stand yet to lose and how we can instead build a better future for ourselves and our generations to come.

Hillary has already damaged herself and Trump cannot win on that alone. He must become a person we are enthusiastic about voting for, and thus far he has yet to achieve that. Instead, he has pushed Putin and Israel’s agenda under a false veil of pseudo-Americanism.

He should just come out and say that he is tired of normal Americans taking the blame for the problems others are causing. Then he should identify the problems, their source and reasonable measures which can be taken to rectify them.

If Trump loses to the terribly weak Hillary Clinton, he will go down as one of the worst losers in history. But to be fair, he is also running against the entire media and the republican party establishment itself.

If Trump starts to try to please everyone, he will satisfy no one.