Saturday, July 09, 2016

The Media Portray White Killers as if Symbols of Our Race, But Black Killers Are Dismissed as Loners Representing No One, and Victims of White Oppression

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When White Dylann Roof artlessly shot blacks in a church in Charleston, South Carolina, the media and government asserted that he was the product of the White Supremacist movement, a symbol of the White Race, and justification for condemning Whites generally. They called for restricting the freedom of Whites on this basis, and stigmatized Whites as if dangerous terrorists unfit to live in America. They asserted that Roof's violence was the product of White culture, White Supremacists and a government which failed to curb White Rights and silence Whites.

When Black Micah Johnson skillfully slew 5 police officers and wounded several others, the media and government were and are quick to distance him from his race and from the Black Lives Matter movement. They portray him as if a lone, unprecedented and completely isolated instance of a mad man; who acted without any incitement from the climate of violence advocated, sponsored and/or tolerated by the Obama administration and other black supremacists. They completely ignore the fact that the government has looked the other way as blacks riot and lute. They do not mention the numerable calls to arms among blacks, their threats or their acts of violence against Whites past and present around the globe, including their pastime of knocking out White people on the streets of America.

Following the OK City bombing, the government infiltrated and shut down the militia movement. They sought to chase alleged White Supremacists out of the military in violation of their constitutional rights.

The black who murdered 5 police is ex-military and a militant black who openly stated that he wanted to kill White people. Will the government set out to drive out all black supremacists from the military? I heard someone on the Amy Goodman radio show yesterday state that they had heard blacks stating that perhaps they should kill cops. Will law enforcement investigate those claims?

Why is there this anti-White double standard in media and government? Why is there no recognition of the anti-White crime wave in America, nor any effort to curb it?

Friday, July 08, 2016

The Jewish Double Standard: The OK City Bombing versus the Dallas Massacre

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The official narrative of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, is that Timothy McVeigh sought vengeance for the murders of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, and for the Ruby Ridge killings. In both incidents, the government slaughtered Whites. This is not dissimilar to the massacre in Dallas which just occured, where a black man executed several police officers in retaliation for the police killings of blacks, and yet the media and the government are treating the cases entirely differently.

The media and government are sympathetic to the murder of Whites in retaliation for the killing of blacks, but entirely condemned any need for justice for the mass murder of Whites. The media and government set about to destroy the militia movement and condemned Whites in general and any expression of White pride as if a form of violent racism.

The killer in Dallas stated that he wanted to kill White people, but blacks are not generally condemned for his statements, nor should they be. There are no orchestrated calls to disband any and all organizations which represent black interests, though White organizations were universally condemned, as were militias following the OK City bombing.

The silent mantra of media and government is “Genocide Whites!”

Thursday, July 07, 2016

We Need Safer Protocols and Autos in the Age of Concealed Carry and Rampant Crime

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Cops, understandably, have adopted an, "I'm not taking any chances!" approach to traffic stops and arrests. If they in any way sense that a gun might be used against them, they are prone to shoot whomever they suspect is armed.

We have the requirement that citizens maintain a license to drive. Police exploit this opportunity to demand that citizens provide an ID/driver's license when questioned by the police, so that the police can check for warrants to make arrests and conduct searches. Police also exploit this opportunity to check a person's age for various reasons.

All other issues aside, the fact that most males carry their IDs in their wallets creates a very dangerous situation for civilians and police, police who often demand that an ID be produced. The exact same motion is employed to draw a wallet as is usually performed to draw a firearm. The same applies where a concealed carry permit holder stores his or her weapon in the glove compartment of a vehicle where proof of insurance and vehicle registration are also stored.

I suggest we change the manner in which IDs, proof of registration and insurance are stored and presented to the police upon request. This creates an opportunity for automobile manufacturers to appeal not only to concealed carry permit holders, but also to the general public, who are also at risk when approached by the police. Motor vehicles should now come with special compartments visible to the police where a driver's license, vehicle registration card and proof of insurance card can be stored and easily accessed without the risk that the police will see a gun, or suspect that a gun is being drawn. The first car company which comes out with these options, or standard features, will distinguish their brand in the market place. Until that occurs, the aftermarket should provide options and make them generally known to the police, to protect both law enforcement and the public from unnecessary shootings. Then we can all enjoy greater safety and freedom, instead of risking confrontation and death.

A simple compartment on the dashboard of a vehicle in plain sight from both sides of the vehicle, which does not pose a visual obstruction to the driver, is one such possibility. Auto, van and truck manufacturers who offer concealed carry options which tuck the guns in easily accessible places would appeal to a vast new market. They could offer unique inserts for various common models of handguns and magazines, just as they offer cup holders.

Too many have died at the hands of police for us to continue to do nothing to safeguard the public and police. We need new protocols and accessories which will provide a reasonable solution to this dilemma. People should no longer draw their wallets to produce a driver's license. We need a new approach. Either the police should no longer be permitted to demand ID, or ID should be carried elsewhere, or take a form that enables it to be carried conveniently around the neck or something like that.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

First It Happens to the Blacks, Then It Comes to Us

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews are using the communist Chinese to take over black Africa. We ought to watch this situation, as they plan to do the same to us in the West.

The jews first spread communism in Africa, from Gaddafi in the north to Mandela in the south. Communism was very effective in genociding Whites in Africa, as it was in Eastern Europe. Is also an effective means of enslaving non-Whites, as it has been in Eastern Asia.

The Red Chinese are colonizing Africa at the instigation of the jews. They treat the blacks very badly and pit them against the Whites. Israel is cheering on the communization of Africa and presents itself as ally to the African Continent. In repayment for the Whites of South Africa having helped Israel develop its nuclear weapons capabilities, the jews first converted the blacks to communism, then set them upon the Whites to genocide the Whites.

The same process is taking place today throughout the White West. The jews are sending in the communist Chinese to colonize us. They will soon set about to genocide us at the point of Chinese bayonets after having made us the slaves of the Chinese, if we let them.

The terrible things that befall the black communities in America soon spread to the Whites, from drug addiction and miscegenation, to the disintegration of families and the spread of venereal disease. Let us prevent the Chinese invasion, enslavement of blacks and genocide of Whites taking place in Africa from spreading here, and let us use NATO to come to the rescue of Whites in America. The jews pledge the Israeli military to defending jews anywhere in the world. Let us make it the mission of NATO to defend Whites around the globe from racist attack and genocide. Let us do it now, before our kin our gone from these parts of the world.

The False Dilemma: The Red Terror of Islam versus the Zionist Conspiracy of the West

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews have created a false dilemma, which permeates the media, both mainstream and alternative. The communists, headed by Putin, have mislead the Muslims into bolshevik terrorism to destabilize the world and draw the West into self consuming wars and demographic death through refugee migration. They also want to drive up oil prices and make the West dependant on Russia for energy.

The zionists have duped Christians into adopting their cause of clearing out the indigenous populations of Greater Israel and transplanting them into White nations. They have also suckered them into anti-Christian self consuming perpetual war for the jews.

Most importantly, the jews have changed the subject and public discourse in both the mainstream and alternative media from the jews’ crimes against humanity, to their artificial war between the Red Terror of Islam versus the Zionist Conspiracy of the West, with no mention of the jews or communism. The jews just stand back and laugh as we slaughter each other and advance both the communist and zionist agendas, which are thoroughly jewish and which fulfil jewish messianic prophecy at the expense of all the world.

Why do we fall for this jewish ruse, when it is incumbent upon us all to unite against the jews? The conflagrations the jews are igniting cannot be extinguished without identifying and dowsing the flame throwers, the jews. They are warring on us, and the battle will not end in our favor unless we fight back. We are attacking each other, when we should be fighting back in a unified front against the jewish provacatuers. Our survival depends upon it.

Are Lesbian Communists Above the Law in America?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We have to ask if the FBI has placed lesbian communists above the law in America, given that the FBI has failed to infiltrate and prosecute the lesbian communists who sought to murder Whites exercising their fundamental constitutional rights to free speech and assembly in Sacramento and to intimidate any who would undertake a like expression of freedom; and further that the FBI has publicly stated that Hillary Clinton has broken the law but recommended that she not be prosecuted for her crimes and sought to stigmatize any such prosecution as if unreasonable. The mission of the FBI is to investigate crime and recommend prosecution when it discovers probable cause for charges.

The FBI has made the false determination that no intent was found in its investigation of Clinton, but confused the nature of "intent" or knowledge with the intent to commit treason, as opposed to the intent to send the emails she did in fact send. The issues are distinct, and the FBI has made a political decision to excuse Clinton's crimes on a false and misleading basis.

The Clinton's were reared in an atmosphere of treason throughout their political lives and have committed treason on numerous occasions in seemingly countless ways, selling out our country to the communist subversion of our economy and our military by giving away our industries and trade to the communist Chinese and the communist ambition of a North American internationalist union, and by furthering the communist Chinese nuclear weapons program. She and her husband have a history of treason against America and her intentions must be viewed from that historical perspective.

Regardless of that, though, her intent to email classified, even top secret information is beyond doubt. Intent to email classified information is a separate and distinct issue from intent to commit treason and harm the USA. Her intent to email is proven. The republicans are calling for congressional inquiries into this matter, with a special prosecutor, after the fashion of the investigations of Bill Clinton. The democrats will try to weasel out of this and energize their constituency by calling this a partisan effort to effect the presidential election, but the republicans are fully justified into investigating the watchers in this matter.

Clinton's ties to Goldman Sachs and the fact that Ryan is making this call, cast suspicions on whether or not Clinton will take a fall for the Jews by design. At any rate, if that is their plan, at least a Trump presidency appears infinitely more hopeful than another Clinton reign of treason.

GOP to examine FBI decision on Clinton emails

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Putin Is Striking Back at Saudi Arabia with Terrorism in Retaliation for Their Having Lowered Oil Prices

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The bolshevik jews have long been the masterminds of most of the world’s terrorism. They have now trained their sights on Saudi Arabia.

Putin is launching numerous attacks on Saudi Arabia in retaliation for the Saudi’s initiative to lower oil prices. Putin wants us to pay more for oil and gas, so that he can spend more money building weapons with which to kill us and our children. Putin wants to destabilize Saudi Arabia with terrorism and eventually topple the regime.

If Putin succeeds, it will have terrible consequences for the West. Putin wants to cut us off from Middle Eastern oil and then gouge us on the price of energy, or cut us off completely and wage war on our weakened nations.

Putin’s terrorist ISIS organization will destroy us, if we allow it to. We should instead acknowledge its source and take countermeasures against Putin unless and until he backs off. If he continues, the West should cripple Russia as it is trying to cripple the West. We should impose massive sanctions on Russia and cease all trade with them. This is getting out of hand.

Monday, July 04, 2016

On Independence Day, Let Us Declare Our Economic Independence from Jewish Debt Slavery

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For many years, I have advocated policies which are now a part of Donald Trump’s political platform. I have stood for Autarky; making the nations which receive military protection from America pay for that protection, which not only saves them funds, safeguards their citizens and territory, but enables their trade; and restricting immigration to our people.

I have also, though Trump has not yet done so, recommended that we fine the Red Chinese and the Japanese for raping our economy, stealing our intellectual property and industries, and violating our trade treaties, as well as conducting espionage on us and rendering us debt slaves by collaborating with the jews to destroy our national sovereignty through our national debt in their allied economic wars against us. We are in a position to fine our eneimies without their having recourse to any international court or arbiter, by simply refusing to pay off on our bonds and instead garnering their value as fines levied against China and Japan for waging economic war on America. We can call these fines reparations.

At the same time, I have proposed that we create an international currency, the grainback, to replace federal reserve notes, and a domestic currency to replace its use domestically. We ought to make it illegal for any foreign nation or national to buy our debt, and we should eliminate it through the issue of debt free currency.

The jews are going to swarm Trump iterating the jewish myths that we ought to go on the gold standard and hand all of our gold reserves over to the jews. They will tell him to pay off our debts by giving over our national territories to Red China. Etc. Etc. Etc.

None of which is necessary or desirable. Trump can eliminate our debt, which is the product of subversion, fraud and economic warfare, with a few simple measures that will empower us and gut our enemies. These steps are just, necessary and in the best interests of the American People. They will indeed make us great again by giving us back our own currency and eliminating our debt slavery.

I should also point out that the French have been spying on us and ripping us off for many, many decades.

Elie Wiesel Was a Racist Jew and a Career Liar, Who Advocated Perpetual Hate

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Elie Wiesel was a liar who fabricated myths of his alleged persecution by the National Socialists, whom, if memory serves me correctly, he preferred to the communists. I seem to remember Jim Condit, Jr. telling me that the weasel fled towards the Germans and away from the bolsheviks, when he had the chance, and that he fabricated the implausible myth that a geyser of bloody lava erupted up from a mass grave of jews, or some such nonsense.

This phony poseur, Elie Wiesel, won the Nobel Peace Prize, but was himself a racist hater. Consider Elie Wiesel's advocacy of racist hatred in this statement from 1968,

"Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate—healthy, virile hate—for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of the dead."--E. Wiesel, Legends of Our Time, Schocken Books,New York, (1982), p. 142.

Touted as if some kind of jewish genius, in all of my observations of Wiesel, he had a weak mind and relied on his hairstyle to create the image of sensitivity he sold to the public, wanting for any insights of his own. He was a phony through and through and did not deserve any of the recognition he received.