Thursday, July 27, 2017

Another Source Stating that the "Young Turks" Were Jewish Freemasons

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I found yet another source which reveals the fact that the "Young Turks" were led by jewish Freemasons, not Muslim Turks. Vicomte Leon De Poncins writes in his The Secret Powers Behind Revolution: Freemasonry and Judaism, at pages 66-68,


In 1900 the Grand Orient of France began to turn its attention to Turkey. The young Turks, who were for the most part composed of Jews, Greeks and Armenians were making no progress in their political efforts. They found help in masonry and thereafter advanced rapidly.

'A Secret Young Turk council was formed and the whole movement was directed from Salonica. Salonica was the most Jewish town in Europe--70.000 Jews out of a population of 100.000--was specially suitable for the purpose. It already contained moreover several lodges in which the revolutionaries could work without being disturbed. These lodges are under the protection of European diplomacy and as the Sultan was without weapons against them his fall was inevitable'.

This extract from the Acacia (October 1908) explains everything. At Salonica there were at that time two lodges which were connected with the Grand Orient of Italy. The lodge 'Macedonia', whose venerable was the Italian Jew Emmanuel Carasso, and the lodge 'Labor et Lux'. There were also the lodge 'Veritas' which was connected with the Grand Orient of France, the Spanish lodge 'Preserveranza' and the Greek lodge 'Philippos' this last one pursuing an exclusively national policy.

The young Turks entered these lodges and met there in order to organize and prepare the revolution. Moreover a great number of the numbers of the lodges strengthened the secret young Turk 'Committee of Union and Progress', in which they carried out valuable work. The Turkish government, which could not long remain in ignorance of this constant and mysterious work, became alarmed but its police was unable to get to the bottom of the plot. As a precaution, the lodges turned to the Grand Orient of Italy which let them foresee the protection of the Italian embassy in case of need. Thus little by little the young Turk party came to be almost entirely composed of freemasons, among whom Jews occupied the most influential posts.

The revolution having succeeded as we know, freemasonry knew how to utilize its victory. On the 1st May 1909 the representatives of forty five Turkish lodges met in Constantinopel and founded the 'Grand Orient ottoman'. Mahmoud orphi Pasha was nominated grand master. Among the other dignitaries were the following 'Turks': David Cohen, Raphaelo Ricci, Noclas Forte, Marchione, Jacques Souhami, Goerges Sursock.

A short time after a 'Supreme council of the ancient and accepted Scottish Rite' was also formed and recognized by the French and Italian masonic authorities."

In my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians I quote many highly credible sources which verify the fact that the CUP was a crypto-Jewish and Freemasonic organization.

Jewish apologist Stefan Molyneux falsely claimed that the "Young Turk" Committee of Union and Progress only allowed membership to Muslims at 5:30 and forward, and at 27:36 of this farcical discussion:

Molyneux glorifies jewish zionist Henry Morgenthau, Sr. and promotes jewish holocaust mythology about the Nazis, while completely ignoring the leading role jews played in the Armenian Genocide. Adalian and Molyneux discuss the assassination of Hrant Dink who acknowledged the jewish role. Why do Molyneux and Adalian make no mention of it?

At 44:00 and forward, Molyneux slams Germans and declares that the demographic destruction of Germany, as punishment for what Germans allegedly collectively did to the jews, is an honorable process. They discuss how Turkey has evaded punishment, making an issue of Turkey's membership in NATO, but never raise the issue of the fact that jews have escaped their guilt without any mention of it by the major powers after WW I. They also fail to specifically mention the fact that Arab Muslims helped save many Armenians. What about holding the jews to account? Does Molyneux address the Armenian Genocide as an attempt to drive a wedge in NATO and drive Turkey out of it, and seek limitations on Turkey's military? And what about the genocide of the Palestinians taking place today? Does it not deserve mention?