Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Satire: Comrade O'Connell Travels Back in Time

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Imagine if you will, that Brendon O'Connell, with his superhuman skills and Aboriginal Australian mojo, travels back in time to post-revolution Russia with a plan of action and heaps of good advice for counter-revolutionaries. Brendon courageously demands that all counter-revolutionaries report to the Cheka and inform them that Trotsky is a jew, Lenin is a part jew and that jews were behind the revolution.

Not only that, but Brendon asserts that he has just discovered secret information unknown to anyone besides himself, that the jewish bankers supported the revolution. He screams to the masses that they must visit the offices of the Cheka and let them know this heretofore carefully guarded secret.

His work not yet done, he invites foreigners to travel to Russia and give the Soviet courts jurisdiction over their fate, so that they can sort out the jewish involvement in the revolution. Brendon urges them on, declaring, "They might even decide to restore the Monarchy!" Even more, Brendon demands that young and naive Russians protest the communists in the streets in violation of the law, and give rise to test cases they will surely win in the Soviet courts, or Brendon will label them cowards.

Isn't Brendon a great leader! Shouldn't we all rally around him and overlook his plagiarism and self declared insanity? Wow, gosh, oh golly gee, why can't I see his brilliance as he lays traps and land mines all around him?

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