Saturday, July 01, 2017

Henrik Palmgren of RED ICE TV Interviewed Christopher Jon Bjerknes on 27 June 2017

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice TV interviewed me regarding my new book Putin's Reign of Terror: The Permanent Revolution in Our Time. The timing of the release of this interview is quite fortuitous, it being the Fourth of July weekend. I am extremely grateful to Henrik for this wonderful and in depth discussion of my book and the issues it raises. RED ICE is doing very good work and I would recommend that you acquire a membership, which will entitle you to watch the entire interview and all of the other content they are providing. Here is a link to the interview:

Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Brief Message from the Ministry of Truth

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Dana Loesch has issued a brief message from the propaganda Ministry of Truth:

Freedom's Safest Place | S2 E2: "The Violence Of Lies"

She denounced "their media" and "their ex-President" and claimed that the only solution "we" have left is to "fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth". The Marxists are fond of clenched fist symbolism. Marxists like to promote an "us versus them" mindset. Who are "they"? This is all very Orwellian.

The recent GOP baseball practice shooting demonstrates the horror of violence in politics. It seems flames are being fanned across the artificial divide. We are being led into civil war and/or revolution. This pattern of denouncing media as "fake news" while concurrently labelling the lies of a given chosen leader as unchallengeable "truth" matches the KGB playbook for destabilizing and demoralizing targeted nations to bring about a communist takeover. KGB defector Golitsyn predicted that this would occur in America in his book New Lies for Old. KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov explained the process in detail:

Our traditions of Western Civilization allow for the free discussion of ideas. We in the West counter lies with reason and facts, not clenched fists. Clenched fists are a totalitarian tactic, as is the suppression of the media. Those are the methods employed by KGB communist Vladimir Putin.

Ann Coulter has brought the attention of the world to Donald Trump's connections to Goldman Sachs. She has criticized Sean Hannity for failing to air her interview where she presented these facts. Coulter achieved her goal and revealed the truth with free speech, facts and logic, not a clenched fist:


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Where Is the Investigation of Obama and What Is Trump Doing to Stop Russia?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The White House is attempting to deflect attention from Trump's Russian connections, to blaming Obama for doing nothing to stop Russia from interfering in the 2016 Presidential election in favor of Donald Trump. The Democrats agree that Obama was wrong to do nothing. I also agree, but unlike our subverted government, I think Obama should be investigated for treason.

Trump has reneged on his promise to prosecute Hillary Clinton. He is accusing Obama of what amounts to acts of treason. Why isn't Obama being investigated for these alleged crimes?

Not only did Obama do nothing to stop Russia from interfering in the election, he did nothing to stop Russia from invading the Ukraine and annexing the Crimea. Obama did nothing to prevent Russia from making gains in the Arctic. Obama also did nothing to punish Israel for transferring our military secrets to communist China. Obama's familial, academic and friendly connections to the communists are well known. The bankers backed communism and Obama, and Obama richly rewarded the bankers and the communists his entire presidency, stealing our wealth in typical communist kleptocratic fashion.

Obama also allowed himself to be portrayed in the media as if an enemy of Israel. This profited the Israeli-Russian zionist-communist axis by making it appear to common Jews that they are better off seeking a change from the Western-Israeli alliance to the Israeli-Russian alliance.

Obama repeatedly betrayed America and Europe to the Israelis and communists, so where is the investigation and prosecution? Obama opened our borders and sought to use his executive orders to undermine our immigration laws and national sovereignty.

Stalin conducted massive transfers of indigenous peoples out of their national homelands and into other regions, gulags and mass graves. Obama and Merkel followed Stalin's lead in destroying the national homogeneity of America and European nations, in pursuit of communist internationalism. Obama made open borders Hillary Clinton Secretary of State, and global zero Chuck Hagel Secretary of Defense, and Obama opened our borders and gutted our military and nuclear defenses. Obama did this deliberately and in pursuit of foreign communist objectives. He is a traitor, but none will investigate, let alone prosecute, so deep is the communist rot in our government.

Now that Trump has admitted he lied when he claimed that Russian interference was a "Hoax", what is Trump doing to protect America from Russia and punish Russia for its acts of war against us?