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Former CIA Man Edward Price Comes to the Same Conclusion of Media Collusion I Wrote About One Full Year Ago

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

One year ago, almost to the day, I informed my readers that the media was colluding with Trump and Putin to keep the Russian meddling in the election secret. I had written several articles in July of 2016 and called for a Congressional inquiry to investigate Trump's relationship with Russia and Russia's meddling in the election:

Traitor Trump Thinks Treason Is a Joke, July 25, 2016

Trump is finally being forced to confront his treason to America in favor of Russia. But he is doing so by calling it a "joke", an extraordinarily poor response. It shows that he does not want to talk about Russia at all, let alone in a negative way. It shows that he has no logical explanation for his treachery and won't even attempt one.

Now, this Russian espionage may involve the complicity of high ranking American jews who are also working with the Russians to sabotage America. Debra Wasserman-Schultz is the second jew female to help Putin hurt us and our interests with damaging statements. The first being Victoria Nuland. Is it just a coincidence that these jews are the victims of espionage that makes them and the USA look bad? Or, are they working with the Russians for the benefit of Israel?

The press is certainly complicit in covering up Trump's treason, so much so that even Mother Jones is obliged to question what is going on:

Are Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin Really BFFs?

Note that the Nuland espionage benefitted Russia's attack on the Ukraine and theft of the Crimea. The Wasserman Schultz espionage makes poor communist Bernie Sanders a victim and working class hero and helps to put Putin's puppet into office.

The media, both mainstream and alternative, are covering up for Trump and Putin. We are being subverted by communists on all levels, and I am the only person pointing this out.

I also wrote this article:

Casus Belli, July 25, 2016

If it can be proven that the Russian Government has been involved in hacking the democratic party in order to corrupt internal American presidential politics to favor their puppet candidate, that would constitute an act of war. It is established that Putin's internet troll army has been trying to sway Americans to vote for Trump.

The goldbugs are cheerleading for Putin to sway the election. The Reaganistas are cheerleading for Putin to sway the election. This is easily proven. The Green Party, at least in Germany, had strong ties to the communists. Are they trying to sway the election to favor Trump?

These are very serious issues and there ought to be strong federal investigations into this. The congress should conduct hearings to investigate the Russians' deliberate corruption of our internal politics to subvert them in favor of their interests.

The Russians are waging war on us and we must fight back. We must identify and prosecute those traitors who are working for the Russians. The Russians are using asymmetric warfare to effect regime change in America.

America is not the only target of this attack. Russia has been active in French, British, Hungary, etc. internal politics, with the goal of destroying NATO and creating internal chaos.

I also wrote this article:

A Good Article About the Left's Defense of Russia Over America in Response to Trump's Treason, July 25, 2016

Here is a fairly good article discussing the left's attraction to Trump as magnet for anti-Americanism:

Why Some Leftists Are Defending Donald Trump's Ties to Russia

One major point is being missed while trying to determine whether or not there is sufficient evidence to indict Trump of being Putin's puppet. Trump is running on an America first policy. Yet, he advocates for Russian interests, has a conflict of interests between Russia and America, and seemingly bashes everyone in the world except Putin and the Russians.

I suspect Hillary Clinton will make much of Trump's ties to Russia in her speech at the convention. This will force Trump to respond. As the article points out, he should release his tax returns so that we can see any conflicts of interest the "America first" man may have. But it should not end there, rather there should be a full investigation of his ties to Russia by the FBI and CIA after his treasonous attack on NATO which has already caused our nation so much irreparable damage.

Trump has a moral obligation to disclose his international relations, all the more so because he is running as an America first candidate. He should also fully disclose his ties to jewry and Israel, given that it is the only nation he and his running mate singled out for praise and protection and special treatment at the convention. Trump is obviously NOT putting America first. We have a right to know why.

I also wrote this article:

The Press that Will Pick Apart Everything Trump, Won't Touch Allegations He Is Putin's Puppet. Why? July 27, 2016

The same communist press that for days made front page news of charges that Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama, that for weeks broadcast denunciations for a retweet of a star, won't mention allegations that Trump is a puppet for bolshevik Vladimir Putin. This reality is even more alarming than it is strange.

The same communist press was largely silent as Putin lied to the world, invaded the Ukraine and stole the Crimea. It does not report on Putin's involvement in ISIS and ignores the fact that the heads of ISIS come from the Soviet Union, chiefly Chechnya, which is still a part of the Russian Federation. Instead, they scapegoat Saudi Arabia, Russia's chief rival, among others.

Why is the press covering up Putin and Trump's crimes? I suspect the following reasons: The press is afraid of where a federal investigation into Russia's subversion of American politics will lead, including exposure of the complicity and involvement of top people in the press. The communist press is sympathetic to bolshevism and always covered up for the Soviet Union especially under Stalin and Putin.

In addition, the communist press share Putin's hatred of America, Europe, the White Race and Western Civilization. They want to see all of Europe consumed in an expanded Soviet Union, where the bolsheviks can immediately slaughter the best gentiles, enslave the rest, and then breed them out with a foreign invasion and the forced displacement of indigenous populations. Putin owns not only Trump, but the American communist press.

The communist press has been increasingly soft on Trump and played up divisions in the democratic party, ever since his love of Putin became obvious and he declared that he would destroy NATO.

See also my article:

Definitely a Zionist, But Is Donald Trump also a Communist Traitor? July 21, 2016

Fast forward one full year later and only now is a former CIA man Edward Price raising the same questions I raised months before 7 October 2016, and a year before him:

See also the following article:

"Senior Obama Admin Official: The Media Colluded With Russia", NTK Network, (20 July 2017).

The Russians Are Blackmailing Trump Through His Children

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Russians do not need the Kompromat alleged in the famous Trump dossier to blackmail Trump. They have his children in a vise and the main stream and alternative media both play a role in the communists' ability to extort Trump.

The alternative media, which promotes the Putin Suicide Cult, can leverage Trump by pointing to his multitude of jewish connections, most prominently his son in law Jared Kushner and his jewish daughter Ivanka Trump. They serve Putin by ridiculing Trump for any policies he institutes or actions he takes which oppose the communist agenda. They attacked the President when he bombed Syria, and when he threatens the Red Chinese and/or North Korea. These attacks usually include smearing him for his jewish government, and focus in on Ivanka Trump and especially Jared Kushner, directly threatening Trump's immediate family with jail time and public humiliation.

The main steam press and main stream comedians who serve as propagandists for the Democratic Party are now after Donald Trump, Jr. and are calling for him to be prosecuted. They use this leverage as a means to force the balkanization of Syria, the gaying up of America and uncontrolled immigration.

The Russian bolsheviks are able to blackmail Trump in this way and are doing so. If Trump fails to obey his Red and jewish masters, they will seek to imprison his children, as well as the President himself. Given this proven conflict of interests, Trump is obliged to wage war on his blackmailers, or resign. Instead, he is openly succumbing to them and clinging to his power to serve their interests, not ours.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Kosher Kushner Clan

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ivanka Trump's husband Jared Kushner is the son of convicted felon Charles Kushner. Charles Kushner hired a prostitute to seduce William Schulder, who was his sister Esther's husband, and record her sexual encounter with him. Charles Kushner then had the recordings sent to his sister Esther.

Charles Kushner was intimately involved in jewish politics. Dina Matos McGreevey, former wife of disgraced New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey, wrote in her book Silent Partner: A Memoir of My Marriage,

"It was during this time that Jim is said to have begun his adulterous affair with Golan Cipel. I knew Golan. Not well, but I knew him. And here's what I knew: Golan was an attractive Israeli in his early thirties, with a pleasant, boyish face and thick, dark hair. Jim had met him in Israel in March 2000, just several weeks after he and I got engaged. The two men had hit it off, and Jim invited Golan to come and work on his campaign. Taking Jim at his word, Golan arrived in the United States of April 2001 to work, not for Jim but for a public relations firm associated with Charles Kushner, the wealthy real estate magnate who had contributed well over a million dollars to Jim's campaigns. In fact, Kushner was Golan's sponsor for a work visa. By September 2001, Golan begun to work directly for Jim's campaign as his liaison to the Jewish community. It seemed odd to many that Jim had picked an Israeli with no connection to New Jersy or to New Jersey's Jewish community for this position, but Golan did have a definite connection to Charles Kushner, who was very active in the New Jersey Jewish community and, given his donations to Jim, very influential in Jim's campaign choices. In politics everywhere, he who pays the piper calls the tune, so I just always assumed that Jim was accomodating Kushner. A report published in the Bergen Record places Golan at the Democratic headquarters at Woodbridge on 9/11. 'He was one of many campaign officials who gathered at Democratic Party offices on the top floor of a Woodbridge skyscraper that had a clear view of the World Trade Center towers,' wrote a. . ."

McGreevey made his Israeli gay lover Golan Cipel his homeland security adviser.

This bizarre international intrigue and the use of prostitutes to compromise people reminds one of similar accusations made in the Trump dossier against President Trump, accusations which Trump and Putin have denied, and which dossier does contain known errors.

Jared Kushner has numerous ties to the Chabad Lubavitch sect, as Sean Jobst demonstrates in his 23 February 2017 article Chabad Links Bind Alt-Media Darlings Trump and Putin. Sean Jobst also keenly addresses Vladimir Putin's deliberate destruction of Syria and his corrupt use of State powers to reap profits for himself and the oligarchs who thrive together with him. Jobst writes in his 1 May 2017 article Thoughts on Vladimir Putin's Russia,

"The Oded Yinon Plan which was laid out in 'Kivunim' ('Directions'), magazine of the Jerusalem-based World Zionist Organization, in 1982 foremost spoke of destabilizing Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and pitting the various forces in those countries against each other so Israel can continue to benefit. This was also highlighted in the Neocons' 'Clean Break' document to Netanyahu in 1998 and Michael Flynn's Defense Intelligence Agency's famous 2012 memorandum advocating the growth of ISIS and other armed fanatic groups. Its also a matter of competing oil pipelines with either Russian oligarchs or U.S., Saudi and Qatari oligarchs who want only to profit by stealing the resources with the connivance of their respective client governments -- themselves local corrupt leaders who care nothing about their peoples or nations."

Stormfront maintains a thread devoted to revealing Putin's ties to the jews, many of whom he has made rich, and those who put him in power:

Monday, July 17, 2017

Ramzan Kadyrov, the Leader of Putin's Chechen Shock Troops, Calls for Sine Missione Matches

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Putin and the KGB/FSB waged war on the Chechens, Akhmad Kadyrov flipped and joined sides with the Russians. He was assassinated and his son Ramzan Kadyrov eventually took over as Putin's murderous attack dog. The story of the Kadyrovs is the story of Putin's duplicity, his false flag terrorism and his use of Chechens fighting Chechens in staged conflicts in many nations, all for the benefit of KGB Putin and his bolshevik permanent revolution.

Donald Trump made an ass of himself ten years ago in the WWE:

Now, Putin's other puppet Ramzan Kadyrov is degrading modern civilization even further and is calling for death match gladiator combat:

Kevin Iole, "Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov challenges UFC to series of 'fight to the death' matches", Yahoo Sports, (17 July 2017).

Kadyrov's boys play politics the same way. Zaur Dadaev, a leading member of the Kadyrovtsy, assassinated Putin opposition leader Boris Nemtsov by cowardly emptying a Makarov into him. Putin has these psychopaths creating mayhem at the same time he controls ISIS, and pits them against one another with no benefit to the Chechens, but great rewards for Russia and Israel.

Putin's Red Terror barbarism is creeping into every facet of our lives and the international media support him.

Jobbik's Jewish and Russian Roots and Current Connections

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jobbik leader Csanad Szegedi famously discovered his jewish roots and then moved to Israel to combat "anti-semitism":

Caroline Mortimer, "Former 'anti-Semitic politician' from Hungary moves to Israel after discovering he's Jewish", The Independent, (23 September 2016).

Jobbik leader Krisztina Morvai ridiculed the size of jewish penises at the same time she was married to jew Gyorgy Balo:

Political Pest, "Please accept our apologies for somehow never mentioning that Hungary's terrifying new "Nazi" leader is happily married to a Jew",, (3 June 2009).

Jobbik leader Gabor Vona has been making increasingly kind overtures to Hungarian jews:

Lili Bayer, "Exclusive: In First Talk With Jewish Media, Hungary's Far Right Leader Strikes A New Pose", The Forward, (8 February 2017).

Jobbik is pan-Turianist, which mythology invites Turks into Europe and which mythology was created and promoted by an Hungarian jew and a Doenmeh crypto-jew. The Times History of the War, Printing House Square, London, Volume 14, (1918), p. 308, states,

"The author of the standard exposition of the 'Pan-Turanian Movement,' who called himself by the pure Turkish name of 'Tekin Alp,' is believed to have been a Salonika Jew; and there is also reason to suppose that the secularizing, anti-Islamic tendency which is so remarkable a feature in Pan-Turanianism was partly the effect of this Jewish influence."

The Hungarian jew Arminius Vambery, who created the "Pan-Turkic" movement that led to the First World War and which is agitating for a Third World War, wrote an autobiography in 1884, which is available online for free:

Arminius Vambery, Arminius Vambery: His Life and Adventures: Written by Himself: With Portrait and Illustrations, T. Fisher Unwin, London, (1884).

It appears that Jobbik was first created by the KGB and they have run it ever since. Brandon Martinez sent me two links which describe these facts:

"The man reportedly known as K.G.Béla to colleagues in Hungary's Jobbik party has consistently denied spying for Russia since the Hungarian government charged him with treason in May. However the revelation that his Russian wife Svetlana Istoshina is married to several influential figures including a Japanese nuclear physicist and an Austrian career criminal with links to the Soviet secret services, suggests that she was a KGB running agent, who caught Kovács in a "honey trap" for almost three decades. [***] There is growing evidence that Putin has backed Jobbik from its infancy, as the Russian leader seeks to undermine the EU — its main regional rival — with the help of far-right parties in former socialist states. One former member of the Hungarian national security committee has called Jobbik "a phony nationalist party that merely serves Russian interests."--Daniel Nolan and Csaba T. Tóth, "The Far-Right European Lawmaker and the Three-Decade 'KGB Honey Trap'", Vice, (26 September 2014).

This article describes Jobbik's affiliation with anti-White and anti-West fanatic Alexander Dugin:

Anton Shekhovtsov, "The Kremlin's marriage of convenience with the European far right", (28 April 2014 ).

You can find Brandon's writings here:

The Thinly Veiled Trotskyite Neocon Globalism of the Le Pens

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Vladimir Putin and the Trotskyite Neocons created their "global war on terror" by means of the false flag terrorism they engaged in and the international coalitions they promoted to fight against it. Putin scapegoated the Chechens for FSB attacks and called for a global war on terror in 1999. Bush scapegoated Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan for the Trotskyite Neocon and Israeli false flag attacks of 11 September 2001 and destroyed the nations of Iraq and Afghanistan, which benefitted only Russia and Israel, while consuming America and NATO in these self destructive wars. These globalist coalitions destroyed the enemies of Russia and Israel, not the true enemies of America or France, which are Israel and Russia.

Beginning in 1999, Putin called upon NATO and the West to join Russia in fighting a global war on terror on the pretext of Islamic Chechen terrorism, which was in fact conducted by Putin and the KGB/FSB. Today, Donald Trump is calling upon NATO and the world to make Putin's dreams of a global army to destroy the enemies of Israel and Russia a reality. Jean-Marie Le Pen greatly admires globalists Trump and Putin. Brandon Martinez has sent me the following links. Brandon noted that Jean-Marie Le Pen shows off his Putin posters beginning at 5:30 in this video. Jean-Marie Le Pen has a decades long relationship with reputed KGB asset and political clown Vladimir Zhirinovsky, whose jewish father was named Volf Isaakovich Eidelshtein:

In this video, Marine Le Pen offers to lift sanctions on Russia on the condition that Russia lift its retaliatory sanctions, but makes no demands that Russia withdraw from Crimea and stop attacking Ukraine, the reasons for which the sanctions against Russia were imposed. In other words, she is merely capitulating and succumbing to Russia's globalist communist imperialism and sponsoring Russia's invasion and annexation of Ukrainian territory. See this video starting at 13:45:

Brandon calls my attention to this Marine Le Pen quote,

"I'd like to energize an alliance between the U.S., France and Russia in the fight against Islamists, which is a gigantic menace to our respective democracies."–Marine Le Pen, as quoted in Vivienne Walt, "Why France's Marine Le Pen Is Doubling Down on Russia Support", Time, (8 January 2017).

Marine Le Pen wants France to join with the two nuclear superpowers in a global army to fight the jews' war on Islam. This international war on terror is globalism at its worst, and Putin created it in 1999, two years before 9/11. This Putinist global war on terror is the Protocols made flesh and blood. It is the Lurian Cabbalah made real.

What this war will truly accomplish is the destruction of the West and the growth of the Soviet Union to encompass all of Europe and Asia, placing Europe and Islam behind a much higher iron curtain, and breeding out the White Race with the fulfilment of Coudenhove-Kalergi and Stalin's White genocide agenda, which were created and implemented by the Rothschilds and Warburgs.

You can find Brandon's writings here:

I Saw This Coming Seven Years Ago

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Seven years ago, I predicted many of the crises which have since occurred. I believe it is worth reviewing what I wrote then, in light of the major events taking place today. Bear in mind that when I wrote this, the whole of the alternative media was telling us that Erdogan would save us. This is a blog post I wrote long ago:

Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin, Friends or Foes? June 09, 2010

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back in January of 2009, I advanced the theory that the strife between Shimon Peres and Recep Tayyip Erdogan was a scripted affair meant to win the Arab street for the Turks at the expense of the Syrians and Iranians, and for the benefit of the Jews. See my blog articles:

The Staged Conflict Between Peres and Erdogan: Jews Pit Erdogan Against Ahmadinejad as if Rival "Saviors" of the Palestinians, February 03, 2009

Hosni Mubarak Admits that He Is an Ally of the Israelis and Scapegoats Iran-Friendly Arabs for Illegal Israeli Aggression, February 04, 2009

The Jews Are Arranging an Arab-Turk Alliance to Smash the Kurds, With an Attack on Iran as the Real Goal, February 07, 2009

Erdogan knows well that the "Young Turks" were old Jews, crypto-Jews and Freemasons, and it has always bothered me that he does not come out and say so. Why is Erdogan so aggressive in denying the primarily Jewish crime of the Armenian Genocide, if he is not covertly in bed with the Israelis? It is true that the Doenmeh sought to assassinate him, but this may have been a faction which itself has had problems with the Israelis.

More significantly than this, I am troubled by the fact that Erdogan has not counter-attacked the Israelis for creating, financing, organizing, training and otherwise backing the PKK. The Turks should long ago have attacked Israel for attacking Turkey in this way and should have brought complaints to the UN, but they have not, which indicates that the Turks want Israel and the PKK to continue to do what they are doing, killing innocent Turkish civilians and destabilizing Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq. One might argue that the PKK bogey makes the Turkish government's grip on the Turkish People tighter and serves to discredit the Kurdish nationalists, but I do not believe that is the motivation.

The following article by an Armenian points out the transparent absurdity of Israel's number one ally in the Middle East becoming the champion of the Palestinians, enumerating some of the facts I discussed in relation to this same point back in January of 2009:

Erdogan Deserves Medal As Fake Friend of Palestinians

The truth is that the poor Palestinians have no support in the governments of the Turks, the Arabs or the Persians, but rather the Israelis play games with these governments to control their opposition and control the populations of these nations. With that in mind, we must also understand the fact that the Jews are out to destroy America and Europe, and they require forces with which to do it.

The Jews lobbied and worked with the Turks, Azeris and Georgians to build oil pipelines and railways through these nations, bypassing Armenia and challenging Russia's ability to control the European energy markets. The Jews then set up Russia to come into conflict with Georgia thereby threatening Turkish interests. The Jews then set up Russia to reestablish itself in the Black Sea and dominate the Ukraine, again threatening Turkish interests–note the many wars the Jews have created between Turks and Russians in the past and the price the Armenians, as well as the Turks and Russians, have paid for these wars.

It appears to me that the Jews are setting up America and Europe to face a massive energy crisis which will shatter the economies of these nations. If Russia and Turkey cooperate, then the Arabs and Iranians will fall completely under their influence, as opposed to American influence. Such combined Muslim power, covertly under Jewish control, can wipe away the West and lead the West to counter-attack with nuclear weapons against this "Gog and Magog". If the Turks and Russians fight, drawing in the Persians and Arabs, it will have exactly the same effect on the West. Always remember that the Jews want to annihilate America and Europe, as well as every other people.

The Jews are also building up the political influence, and military power, of Latin America to use as a weapon with which to destroy the United States. It is no accident that Ahmadinejad is friendly with Venezuela and Turkey is strengthening ties with Brazil. The Jews are building alliances to pit against us so that they can bring down the World. Look to the Jewish playbook, the Old Testament, and it is quite clear that the Jews must destroy us and want a war which brings the World against Israel so that this, their war will ruin planet Earth.

While I believe that Ahmadinejad and Erdogan are serving Jewish interests and care not one whit for Arabs generally, much less the Palestinians specifically, which Jewish interests include destroying the USA, I also believe that the Turkish People and the Iranian People are sincere in their opposition to Israel and Jewish supremacism.

The Jews had ample time to prepare for their attack on the Turks of the Freedom Flotilla and would not have done what they did if they did not know beforehand what the Turkish Government would do. They may also have had operatives, agents provocateur on board the Turkish vessel to provide them with a meager pretext for murder.

The recent oil spill lessens Americans' appetite for domestically produced oil and Europe is at the mercy of Russia and the Middle East for its energy needs. America and Europe are the primary targets of the Jews, who seek desperately to destroy us. The Jews have arranged a situation which promises to cut off the flow of natural gas and oil to Europe and America by one means or another. They want a Middle Eastern and Russian war not only to destroy Muslims and Russians, but also to destroy us; and the Jews are leaving us without a single ally in the region they cannot quickly pit against us by pitting them against Israel and then us against them. That appears to be the chief strategy, to isolate Europe and America from energy and to instigate unnecessary wars which will consume us, and the plan is working well. The Jews are alienating Turkey from NATO by absurdly making NATO the defender of Israel and enemy of Turkey. In the process, they are alienating Europe and America from the Middle East and creating enemies against us in Latin America.

When we fight for the Jews, we are fighting against ourselves, and the Jews have designed things to function in this manner. They hate us more than they hate the Muslims. Muslims are closer to being monotheists than Christians, and it was the Europeans who destroyed the Temple and burned the records of Levitical births.

Israel's strongest ally in the Middle East is taking over the opposition to Israel for a reason, and it appears on the surface that the reason is that the Jews want it that way. Let Erdogan prove otherwise and state that the "Young Turks" were Jews and Freemasons, not Imperial Turks. Let Erdogan prove otherwise and complain to the UN of the Israeli support of the PKK. Let Erdogan prove otherwise by choking off Israel in every way possible. That is what the Turkish People would want, that is what the Palestinian People would want, and the rest of the Arabs as well as the Persians. Let Erdogan use some of his diplomatic finesse to alert the American People to the dangers of the Jewish subversion of our nation.

Perhaps I am being too cynical. World public opinion is weighing heavily against Israel at the moment, but that could change with a false flag attack or energy crisis. However, we must also take into consideration the fact that those Jews who follow Jewish prophecy want the whole World to attack Israel and believe that their messiah will not come until such time as the entire World turns against the Jews. It is certainly true that Erdogan has spoken harshly against Israel, more harshly than our media reports. And Erdogan has reached out to Brazil, Russia and Iran, but let us hope that this is not in preparation for the destruction of the USA.

All signs indicate that the Jews want us dead. The Jews will need forces to achieve their goal of our destruction, and who better to use against us than those who control the spigot on the West's energy supplies, together with our own subverted governments? And who better to use against the Turks, Arabs, Iranians, Russians and Latin Americans, than us? And, now that the Jews are driving a wedge between Turkey and the West, who will the Europeans and Americans be told is their only ally in the Middle East, if not dirty little Israel?

Perhaps, after all their failed provocations, the Jews have concluded that the Arabs and the Persians lack the will to fight the Israelis, that the Americans do not have the stomach to attack another Muslim nation, and that the Turkish People might just have enough manhood left in them to be drawn into a fight. Why the Jews are so sick as to play this game is incomprehensible to me. The last man standing will be standing on the headstone of the human race.

I again assert that our best option is to appeal to the people of the World to defend themselves from the Jewish war on the human race, and to be highly skeptical of the actions of governments, especially those which have a long history of Jewish subversion, as do the Turks and Russians. I wish the Turkish People well. Their fate is my fate. It is the fate of the whole human race.

Ten years ago, I began exposing Ron Paul as a fraud. Bear in mind that when I wrote these articles exposing Paul and his anti-White and anti-American von Mises agenda, the whole of the alternative media was telling us that Ron Paul would save us:

Ron Paul, Friend or Foe? May 10, 2007

Ron Paul, Friend or Foe? Part 2, December 19, 2007

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Literal Links Showing Russia's Control of ISIS

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Here are a series of links to articles Brandon Martinez and I compiled, which demonstrate how the Russians built up ISIS in Syria and used this army as a pretext to occupy the country and grind it to dust:

Russians Are Joining ISIS in Droves: Jihadists from Russia and Central Asia are pouring into the caliphate, four times more than a year ago.

Russia's Double Game with Islamic Terror: Even as Washington touts its counterterrorism partnerships with Moscow, evidence points to Putin's intelligence service practically helping the Islamic State.

How the War on Terrorism Did Russia a Favor

Militants from Russia's North Caucasus join "jihad" in Syria

Why being Chechen is a badge of honor for Islamist militants

Security Service At Moscow Airport Detains Siberian Man Suspected To Join ISIS In Syria

Russia in Syria: President Putin's Middle East adventure exposes terrorist threat now facing Moscow

Putin now fears a threat he helped create – 4,000 Russian citizens fighting for ISIS

Putin "played no less role" in creation of ISIS than Stalin did in rise of Nazis, Shmulyevich says

Russian FSB Defector Reveals Kremlin Supports ISIS

FSB Director Admits Russians Fighting for ISIS

See also my blog articles:

Putin Promoted the Neocon "War on Terror": The Trotskyite Neocon Subversion of NATO for Russia and Israel, July 10, 2017

Putin and the Trotskyite Neocons Are Creating the World Army Foretold By David Ben-Gurion, July 11, 2017

You can find Brandon's writings here:

Life Behind the Islamic Iron Curtain, Is It Coming to America?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Wherever the bolsheviks gain a foothold fundamental human rights vanish. Erdogan has turned Turkey into a Turkish Soviet Socialist Republic serving Israel and Russia.

The jews first tried to turn Turkey under Erdogan into a model anti-zionist State, to replace Iran under Ahmadinejad. They had Erdogan play the role of Muslim anti-Zionist at Davos, Switzerland, as a ploy to turn jews towards communist Russia as their guardian, as opposed to NATO as Israel's guardian. Kurdish Mossad staged the Mavi Mamara event, where jews killed their Kurdish Mossad allies to unite the communist anti-zionists behind an increasingly bolshevised Turkey.

Cynthia McKinney and former US Marine Ken O'Keefe helped this campaign to have Turkey lead the controlled opposition to Israel, to lead the communist anti-zionists. McKinney has since discredited herself by her associations with former Marine Corps intelligence specialist Robert David Steele. O'Keefe was on the Mavi Marmara and supposedly disarmed Israeli soldiers only to ensure their safety and unload a confiscated weapon. Strange how O'Keefe guaranteed the safety of the Israelis and was released by them. O'Keefe tried to renounce his US citizenship but was not allowed to do so, another very odd situation. O'Keefe has called for a military coup in the US, which would hand the country over to the zionist communist revolutionaries who have been put in charge of American military, and they would promptly burn the US Constitution. I wonder if he favors a coup by Marine Corps intelligence officers. The only other likely outcome, and this is far more probable, is that the failed coup would serve as a pretext for Trump to assume dictatorial powers as Erdogan has done in Turkey.

Just as O'Keefe has been forgiven for his crimes against the US, Ergenekon affiliated Marxist Dogu Perincek was released and fully rehabilitated in Erdogan's Turkey, as has been the Ergenekon generally, as in its generals who led the failed coup. Perincek is a friend of anti-Western and anti-NATO fanatic Alexander Dugin. This, as Erdogan staged a second fake coup by supposed Gulen followers and used it as a pretext to drive Turkey away from its Western alliances and into Russia's sphere.

As always happens, the bolshevization of Turkey under Erdogan has torn away and shredded human rights protections and the Red Terror is now threatening to bring back the guillotines and mass murder the victims of Erdogan's false flag faked coup. I wonder if O'Keefe's false flag Marine Corps Intelligence coup would have a similar end result?

Joe Sterling and Samantha Beech report in their 16 July 2017 article, "A year after failed coup in Turkey, Erdogan says 'behead traitors'" for CNN,

"Over the past year, Erdogan and his government have clamped down on civil liberties across Turkey, gutted public institutions and universities, heavily restricted the media and ordered mass arrests of activists, journalists and the political opposition.

Since the coup attempt, more than 169,000 people have faced 'judicial action' ranging from travel restrictions and detentions to arrest warrants,, the justice ministry said, according to Anadolu."

Here is former Marine and veteran of the Mossad Mavi Marmara psy-op Ken O'Keefe calling for a military coup in the US:

Erdogan and the AKP helped flood Europe with Muslims and sought to open Turkey's borders. They play a key role in the use of Kurdish Mossad to keep the AKP and Erdogan in power, and to create chaos in Syria and Iraq leading up to the balkaniziation of both nations. Now that Putin and Merkel have succeeded in producing a Muslim invasion of Europe, Putin is leading his "fascists" and "anti-zionists" to destabilize Europe even further and drive them out of NATO. Having failed to install Le Pen, Putin and Trump are working with Merkel and Macron to isolate Germany between France and Russia and enable the genocide of the Germans to accelerate as Germany finds itself caught between a German-hostile Trump and genocidal anti-German Putin, who hosts anti-German parades.

Perhaps it is a coincidence that former Marine Ken O'Keefe, who just can't seem to shake his American citizenship, is promoting a military coup near the anniversary of the fake military coup in Turkey which was used a pretext to renew the Red Terror and seize dictatorial power. Or is someone trying to stage a military coup in America which will succeed and put communists in power, or fail and provide Trump with a pretext to seize absolute power, as Erdogan has done?

The Russians have long sought to keep American nuclear bombs out of Turkey. It was their pretext for sending nuclear armed missiles to Cuba. This led Kennedy to blockade Cuba and the KGB then assassinated him. The KGB continues to scapegoat the CIA for this crime. The Warren Commission attempted to prevent a nuclear war by falsely claiming that bolshevik Oswald acted alone, and in so doing wiped some of the egg off America's face and prevented the American People from demanding full scale war against the USSR.

The communists have since tried to provoke the USA to remove our nuclear weapons from Turkey as they drive a wedge between Turkey and NATO. They use the failed and phony coup as a pretext. At first calling upon Obama to take this action, they now demand Putin puppet Donald Trump pull America's nuclear weapons out of Turkey. This, as voices call for a Turkish style military coup in America, at least one of which is connected through various channels to the Mossad, Turkey and the Marine Corps. All of this has only two beneficiaries, philo-Russian Israelis and Putin's Soviets who want to take over all of Islam and trap it behind an iron curtain as Israel genocides the Palestinians and builds a temple to the jewish god on the site of the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock. It would be a good idea for them to keep nuclear bombs away from Muslims as they genocide them and anoint Al Dajjal in the jewish temple.