Saturday, September 22, 2018

This could be HUGE!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

More than a year ago, I pointed out that terms of service agreements are being used as a sham device to discriminate against critics of Jewry and against those whose voices Jewry seeks to suppress by any and all means--and I do mean mean:

GAB Might Want to Consider Filing Antitrust and Discrimination Suits. Sunday, August 20, 2017

Evidently the Trump administration is looking into such potential violations of Federal Law:

The White House is considering an antitrust investigation into 'online platform bias' at Google and Facebook -- read the leaked document here

The discrimination against Holocaust revisionists will be the acid test. How can it be legal to ban them from selling their books or publishing their ads? How can an internet service refuse to service a consumer or seller based on political grounds, without overstepping the narrow boundaries of Federal Law?

Not only do such actions violate the letter and spirit of the First Amendment by censoring voices and obstructing the public's right to know, they violate the ability of citizens to engage in interstate commerce and discourage and prevent free and fair competition in the marketplace. If Trump pursues this, he will win and the fines will be enormous. This is needed to counteract the sanctions the market imposed when the stocks of such companies began to crash after Zuckerberg spoke out on behalf of free speech. It would be a tremendous benefit to have a new Supreme Court Justice who will favor the enforcement of the antitrust laws against the censors who are this very day deliberately obstructing free and fair trade in their pursuit of silencing free speech.