Sunday, December 09, 2018

Source Sought for Picture of Jewish Bankers Carrying Signs Stating "Hinaus mit uns!"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Douglas Reed wrote in Disgrace Abounding, Jonathan Cape, London, (1939), pp. 249, 251,

"Oblivion for a few years, and then came the Kapp Putsch in Germany, the first of the Nationalist conspiracies to overthrow the democratic liberal regime that was so kind to the Jews, and reinstate the big business men, big landlords, monarchists, militarists, in the seats of the mighty in Germany. Who was a leading figure in this short-lived seizure of power? Trebitsch Lincoln, now a German die-hard. Among the other sympathizers was a relatively unknown man, one Adolf Hitler. Trebitsch Lincoln on the side of the anti-Semites? Of course, he was a Christian. [***] If you doubt me, think of Trebitsch Lincoln leading the anti-Semites down the Wilhelmstrasse to the seat of power. But I can show you the modern counterpart of Trebitsch Lincoln, and I don't mean those pro-Hitler Jews who were said by rumour to have marched round Berlin in the early Nazi days carrying a banner with the legend 'Hinaus mit uns!'—'Chuck us out!'"

Eustace Mullins stated on Daryl Bradford Smith's radio program The French Connection, that the German-Jewish bankers Warburg and Oppenheimer marched with the Nazis carrying signs that read "throw us out". I remember seeing pictures of this, perhaps in one of Reed's or Mullins' books. Or maybe it was Kardel's book, I cannot remember. Anyone know the source? I seem to recall a man in a hat carrying a white sign, not a banner, with a smile on his face and those words on his sign. If you happen to know where I can find that picture, please email that information to me at