Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Censored Again on YouTube

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

YouTube has again censored me:

They do not want me discussing Hitler's Bolshevism and Zionism, or revealing the cabalistic origins of the six million figure. To overcome this censorship, I need your help. The best means to combat the censorship is to spread the word about my book. This will attach a price to their actions and punish them for what they have done.

I am working on volumes 2 & 3 of Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist and need income to fund my endeavor. They are obstructing my ability to earn the income I need so that I can devote the time needed to write these research intensive books. I am also obliged to buy rare books, which I cannot afford.

My YouTube appearances featuring my books Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist, Warnings to the Jews: Premonitions of the Holocaust and The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians have been extremely popular and in each instance started going viral just before YouTube censored them. The public wants to know what I have to say. Will you help?