Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Religion as a Weapon of War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I do not know what caused the fire at Notre Dame. Maybe it was an electrical short. My memories of it are also aflame. I seem to recall that it would have been easy for someone to scale the structure near the flying buttresses, or to launch some sort of incendiary missile from outside the building into the bell tower, but these are vague and old memories.

I have many memories of Europe and its churches and Gothic cathedrals. I remember how Christians are scapegoated for the war in Cologne and Berlin. The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church was never rebuilt so as to serve as a perpetual and permanent reminder that Christians are supposedly evil warmongers. The Kölner Dom, saved by Providence, is covered in soot which they will not clean off to likewise blame Christians for the war. The message is clear and not subtle, despite how offensive it is to use religion in this way as a propaganda weapon.

The Bolshevik Jews destroyed many Christian churches, and converted others into pig barns. They left synagogues intact.

But maybe Jews had absolutely nothing to do with the holocaust of Notre Dame. Maybe it was cosmic Karma arising to serve justice upon Mrs. O'Leary's Roman Catholic cow, which kicked over a lantern and started the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Or maybe someone just wanted to burn the idols of the saints in the crematorium that Our Lady became, because the Jews declared long ago that idol worship is forbidden, Christians must be beheaded, and no representation of their eternal god can be made of perishable materials. Maybe, just maybe, as Adam Green has discussed, it is retaliation for the destruction of the Temple by Rome. The Vatican is a likely target for Israeli nuclear bombs.

It would be awfully convenient for the Jews if Notre Dame led to conflict where some Christian could be blamed for destroying Al Aqsa or the Dome of the Rock in retaliation. Let us hope it does not happen, for it would provide the pretext for building a Temple of Solomon while Christians and Muslims combated each other rather than joining forces against the anti-Christ/al Dajjal.