Thursday, May 09, 2019

Does Anyone Remember Rev. Ted Pike's One Man War Against "Hate Crimes" Laws?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Rev. Ted Pike almost single handedly stopped numerous attempts in the Congress of the United States of America to pass "hate crimes" legislation. He did this by setting up a website with the names and telephone numbers of the offices for each person in Congress. He went on numerous talk shows and asked everyone to call each member of Congress. He then issued a clear and concise statement for people to quote when calling asking that this legislation not be passed, and stating why it should not be passed.

Rev. Pike went on every talk show that would listen, and spread his message at key junctures in the voting cycles. People responded very positively and the movement he set in motion succeeded over and over again. This man saved us from "hate crimes" laws many times over the course of many years.

We have an opportunity to mirror what Pastor Pike did with regards to internet censorship and monopolies owned by billionaire social media oligarchs. We especially need to focus on free speech issues and let our voice be heard by our members of Congress. Remember, Rev. Pike succeeded, so this has a history of working that we can build upon. The Zionists have the power of their money, but politicians still need votes and if they sense that they will be outed if they do not respond to the wishes of their constituencies they will take that into consideration.

Here is what we need to do:

We need a website with the names and telephone numbers for the offices of each member of both the Senate and House broken down by district and State. We need a clear and concise message stating our demands that our rights to free speech be respected by law, and that the monopolies be broken apart. Once this is established we need every voice we can summon to go on internet talk shows and ask people to call and iterate the statement to their Congressional representatives and direct them to the website with names and phone numbers, as well the message to be read verbatim.

Both the Left under Elizabeth Warren and the Right under Donald Trump are speaking out against the billionaire social media oligarchs. This creates the chaos they want to exploit to impose laws against us. We need to have our voice heard in this debate and demand laws that respect the American way and protect free speech.

In the news today:

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