Saturday, August 24, 2019

Campaign Issues We Are Missing Out On

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If we had a viable candidate for President, he or she could present many winning campaign issues to the American voter. For example, our candidate could pledge to instigate a full investigation of the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking and blackmail ring. He could also promise to investigate Israeli, Russian and Chinese spying on America and their infiltration of the Democratic and Republican parties and interference in our internal politics. An America-first candidate could declare that he will bring to end the anti-American loss of big tech to Israel and other nations, and to halt and reverse the surrender of the American military and intelligence agencies to Israel.

An authentically America-first candidate could pledge to deport illegal aliens en masse and greatly restrict legal immigration, in contrast to Trump who has done neither, and the open borders Democrats who are waiting in the wings to grant amnesty to a mass of invaders. He could propose new laws to bar social media censorship and set up a Federal police force to guarantee the rights of free speech and free assembly at public gatherings, which would provide adequate protection for all and arrest anyone who violates the civil rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly of any person or group.

These are real things for which the American People are clamoring. They are disgusted by the obvious corruption and tyranny to which we are constantly subjected. There is an opportunity for victory. If we seize it we will win. If we do nothing but whine and complain, we will lose everything by default.