Sunday, August 11, 2019

Did Epstein Secret Away Files on All the Pedophiles He Covertly Filmed and Photographed?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jeffrey Epstein obviously ran his pedophile ring as a blackmail trap. A blackmailer protects himself by storing his material at various locations around the world with instructions that it be released in event he is killed. Epstein surely would have done this.

So now that he is allegedly deceased, why have not these files depicting the pedophiles he filmed been released as punishment for his murder? Why has there been no immediate retaliation? Is Epstein still alive? If so, that would explain why no one feared to stage his death. It would be better to stage it, than commit it, because if Epstein played a part in the charade, there would be no incentive for him or those he entrusted to release compromising material.