Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Anti-Christ Versus the Second Coming of Lenin. . . How Can We Win? . . Or, How Can We Lose If We Join Race?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Must we again slavishly choose between the lesser of two evils in the American Presidential race, the Israel-first anti-Christ Trump or some open borders Communist from the Democratic Party? Are we such a subservient and dysfunctional nation that in yet another Presidential election we must vote either for the Bolshevik or the Zionist? Where is the candidate who represents our best interests, not the Jewish agenda of Bolshevism and Zionism? And do not deceive yourselves, both the Democrat and the Republican will be both Communists and Zionists.

It is pathetic that we do not have a candidate to vote for who pledges to serve American interests. At no point in my life have the American People been so distrusting of the politicians who govern us. Yet, we have not yet fielded a Presidential candidate who is willing and able to seize the opportunity and provide a viable option for functional government that will serve the citizenry, not World Jewry.

We should not allow this opportunity to pass us by. A strong voice can take advantage of the distrust and insecurity generated by the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and the censorship of the social media oligarchs. We have a better chance at victory than at any other time I can recall. The outrageous actions of the government to violate our most precious rights, their pedophilia and other blackmailable crimes, and their open treason to Israel and the International Communists have awoken the American People to our plight.

We are losing by default, because all we are doing is complaining instead of taking control of our destiny. We have a chance today to truly drain the swamp, including the mammon serving Anti-Christ pervert Donald Trump. But instead of just complaining, we must lead and govern our own fate. We must cease to be sheep baying that the shepherd is leading us to slaughter. We must instead stop following him into the abyss and provide our own leadership. It is not our fate to be forced to choose between two agents of Jewry seeking our demise. It is our fate to reject enemy leadership and lead ourselves. We need only fulfill our fate and we have a tremendous opportunity to do so.