Thursday, May 23, 2019

"Fight censorship! Distribute this video and break the social media monopoly."

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I would like to ask for your help in a new campaign I would like to start to combat censorship and fight back against the information monopoly. When time permits, I am going to upload my banned and censored videos to platforms less prone to censorship. This is not enough, because I have the fundamental right to the full benefits that all others enjoy from every social media platform. As a method of protest and to gain awareness of the criminal censorship and of my work, I ask that you burn DVDs and thumb drives of my videos and those of Adam Green of Know More News.

I will create an intro video describing how the information monopoly has repeatedly censored me and denied me my fundamental human rights to free and fair political expression and scholarly research. We can take a totally neutral position and simply state that the videos are being distributed to promote free speech and counter organized censorship.

We should really produce a compilation DVD with many voices decrying censorship and demanding fair and equal treatment in social media. Let's see if we can create a new form of viral media in a permanent form that can be collected in personal libraries and shared among friends and strangers alike.

We should send members of Congress Adam Green's latest video. A cover letter should demand that our Congress instigate an investigation into Israeli violations of our fundamental rights to free speech, freedom from discrimination, freedom from intimidation and threats, freedom to assemble, and privacy.

We can label every DVD, "Fight censorship! Distribute this video and break the social media monopoly."

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

"Treat It as Your Greatest Patriotic Duty Not to Go to War"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A listener of the Adam Green show "Know More News" has corresponded with me. He tipped me off to the work of Grzegorz Braun:

I was struck by this man's talk on two significant points. First, he asserts that Chabad Lubavitch is creating sovereign zones within sovereign nations, States within States. The Jews had long sought autonomous zones within Polish sovereign territory, and spread lies around the globe of exaggerated pogroms and persecutions in order to secure it. This is documented in my book Warnings to the Jews: Premonitions of the Holocaust. Having been driven from Poland and the Ukraine by the Zionist Nazis, after being warned to cease this subversive activity or face a massive pogrom, the Jews are now returning to Poland and the Ukraine and reasserting self-sovereignty with growing outposts of Israel. Braun fears they may instigate a war between Poland and the Ukraine.

Secondly, Braun demands that the Poles see it as their patriotic to NOT go to war. Only by maintaining peace can the nation and the people survive this foreign attack. Therefore, the best interests of the nation and the people compel peace.

This is the exact message we should be giving to the American people with respect to the bellicose rhetoric and threatening actions of the Netanyahu-led Trump administration. It is our patriotic duty to NOT go to war with Iran. Only in this way can we save ourselves and our country. Netanyahu has been waging war against America for decades by instigating us to fight self-destructive wars which benefit Israel and Russia, but which destroy America and Muslim nations. It is our greatest patriotic duty to NOT go to war, unless it is against our real enemy who is goading us to fight others who have done us no harm.