Monday, May 27, 2019

The Jewish Hypocrisy of Tyrannical Anti-BDS Laws

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Zionists are aggressively combating the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement by attempting to proscribe it by law. This violates the fundamental human rights of freedom to choose among products, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and the right to self defense. The international Zionist organizations behind these laws are also violating the sovereignty of the nations where they seek to impose these tyrannical proscriptions on the citizenry and government.

What is more, these Jews are absolute hypocrites. The Jews heavily organized to boycott Russian and Polish goods, and to block the Tsars' access to the money markets for loans. In this way, they so weakened the Russian Empire that they rendered it ripe for the Bolshevik Revolution during which they seized control of the empire and promptly mass murdered 30 million of its best citizens. Having destroyed Tsarist Russia and lacking the bogey of fabricated Tsarist oppression, they placed Adolf Hitler in power to oppress German Jews.

After the big Jews accomplished the creation of a new Pharaoh, Hitler, the Jewish masses set out to boycott German goods internationally and thereby overthrow the Hitler regime and wreck Germany. The big Jews opposed these boycotts, but seized upon the opportunity as a pretext for the Transfer Agreement which would enable them to found the nation of Israel.

Samuel Untermyer formally established this pretext for sincere Nazis to acquiesce to the Transfer Agreement by pronouncing a worldwide boycott of German goods and services. Not only that, he called for an official religious "Cherem" to be placed on all German goods. Rabbi Mendelson then performed the Jewish rite imposing the Herem on German goods. This meant that no Jew could touch these goods upon punishment of excommunication. Edwin Black described these events in his book The Transfer Agreement, at pages 350-353:

"So in the first days of September, spontaneous calls went out in various countries to compel the Zionist Organization to stop its deals with Germany.16 If not? Cherem. For centuries, the cherem had been the curse of untouchability imposed against the Jewish people's greatest enemies and most reprehensible sinners. Once pronounced by a rabbi against a non-Jew or inanimate object, the person or object became untouchable for Jews. Once pronounced against a Jew, the Jew was either excommunicated or shunned or both. Anyone breaching the cherem would himself fall under the cherem. [***] The second speaker was Untermyer, who denounced those bargaining with Adolf Hitler to salvage 'a few possessions' belonging to German Jews. Untermyer told the rabbis that a cherem was the only answer to such traitors. [***] The solemn ritual began when two tall black candles were set on a table several feet apart, then lit. A rabbi wearing the traditional talis or prayer shawl, blew three times on the shofar, the twisted ram's horn sounded on the Day of Atonement. Following the shofar blasts, the rabbi of Newark, Rabbi B. A. Mendelson, chanted the decree in Hebrew, 'In the name of the Assembly of Hebrew Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada and other rabbinical organizations that join us in our beliefs, we take upon ourselves. . . as leaders of Israel, to decree a cherem on everything manufactured in Hitler's Germany. From today on we are to refrain from dealing in all basic materials such as metals, textiles, and other things. . . which come to us from the Nazis. . . We urge all to not knowingly violate this boycott which we have this day decreed.'20 Rabbi Mendelson then took his gavel and ritually extinguished the candle flames. As the flames turned to smoke, many in the room were heard to mutter softly, 'Like this for Hitler.'21"

Invoking this Herem on Germany was a declaration of genocidal war and the symbolic extinguishing of the flame of the German life force. The Old Testament calls for Herem against the Canaanites and the other peoples the ancient Jews demanded be exterminated. The Herem as a method of censure and exclusion from the community inevitably becomes the Herem as a war of extermination.

So as the Jews commit genocide against the Palestinians, they deny the world the human right of boycott to stop them. They are not only oppressing the Palestinians in this way, they are viciously oppressing every human being on earth by denying us our fundamental human rights of protest, free unbridled expression and boycott. They are absolute and genocidal tyrants, as well as complete hypocrites. Their ability to control our leaders to subvert our fundamental human rights is firm proof of their grossly disproportionate international power, which they justify with their religious mythology that they are divine and the Gentiles, satanic beasts.