Saturday, August 24, 2019

Campaign Issues We Are Missing Out On

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If we had a viable candidate for President, he or she could present many winning campaign issues to the American voter. For example, our candidate could pledge to instigate a full investigation of the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking and blackmail ring. He could also promise to investigate Israeli, Russian and Chinese spying on America and their infiltration of the Democratic and Republican parties and interference in our internal politics. An America-first candidate could declare that he will bring to end the anti-American loss of big tech to Israel and other nations, and to halt and reverse the surrender of the American military and intelligence agencies to Israel.

An authentically America-first candidate could pledge to deport illegal aliens en masse and greatly restrict legal immigration, in contrast to Trump who has done neither, and the open borders Democrats who are waiting in the wings to grant amnesty to a mass of invaders. He could propose new laws to bar social media censorship and set up a Federal police force to guarantee the rights of free speech and free assembly at public gatherings, which would provide adequate protection for all and arrest anyone who violates the civil rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly of any person or group.

These are real things for which the American People are clamoring. They are disgusted by the obvious corruption and tyranny to which we are constantly subjected. There is an opportunity for victory. If we seize it we will win. If we do nothing but whine and complain, we will lose everything by default.

A New Take on Trump's Nebulous Claim that Jews Who Vote Democrat Are Disloyal

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish media and Jewish advocacy groups were in a quandary about how to interpret Donald Trump's proclamation that Jews who vote Democrat are "disloyal". Did he mean they were disloyal to Israel, or something else?

Trump's new attempt to present himself as the King of the Jews, their messiah, the Moshiach, indicates instead that Trump meant that the Jews who vote Democrat are disloyal to HIM, their official King, the Moshiach. Trump has abused the power of the American Presidency to issue executive orders which undermine the separation of powers and strip the Congress of its authority. He has been acting as if he were King of America. Trump is now issuing orders to the American People directly. And even if one agrees with the spirit and intent of those orders, a day will come when he will start issuing orders with which no sane American would agree. He will start ordering Americans to obey the Jews and slave for Israel in no uncertain terms. This slippery slope leads to a hell worse than anything Trotsky and Lenin conjured up in the Soviet Union.

It now seems clear that Trump has ordered American Jews to obey him as their de facto King. That is a major step from sucking up to the common Jews, to ordering them about and demanding their loyalty.

Adam Green has sent me a link to this article about Donald's brother Fred, which indicates that he viewed himself and his family as Jewish. He also evidently mocked Christ, just as his brother Donald has now declared himself to be the anti-Christ. And note that Trump and his Jewish buddies declared that Trump is the second coming of God, not Jesus, a very important distinction to the Jews:

Friday, August 23, 2019

Is Donald Trump Planning to Move to Israel and Establish a Chabad Monarchy If He Loses the Election in America?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I wonder if Trump is planning to move to Israel if he loses the election. They could provide him with sanctuary from prosecution. He loves to talk about how popular he is in Israel. Chabad could anoint him King with Jared next in line for the throne.

Ivanka Trump could run for President of the USA against Michelle Obama, First Lady Jared Kushner versus First Lady Barack Obama. If Ivanka won and Jared was Prince or King of Israel, it would bind the nations in the old fashioned way of monarchs.

All of this opens up a very important question. How will the nation of Israel respond when some group anoints a King in the coming third Temple? Will there be a revision of the laws? What authority will the monarchy claim immediately over the nation and its people? They will almost need the USA to impose the monarchy on Israel, I suspect.

This could be one way they could create the monarchy in an official State capacity and then hand it over to the real Moshiach. I seem to recall that Netanyahu stated the Talmud is the law of the land in the Jewish State. It has stringent guidelines for the rise of the King.

If Trump Is King of the Jews, Is Jared Kushner the Prince of Israel?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The only way Jared Kushner gained the power he has today was through nepotism. Kings form dynasties. Adam Green believes that Jared Kushner is slated to become Moshiach King of the Jews. Will Kushner inherit Trump's throne?

I have a difficult time envisioning Kushner as the Jews' messiah, but if that is what the Jews have planned, just about the only way he could get there is by inheriting the throne from his daddy in law Donald Trump. So this new development of Trump posturing as King of the Jews has led me to reconsider Adam Green's prediction that Kushner is the coming Moshiach. If Kushner is the best the Jews can do, surely we can stop them through political means if only we will try. It is actually a plausible scenario, using Trump to create the dynasty so that Christians will not rebel against it, then shoehorning in the dud of a Jew Kushner to begin the Jewish monarchy. I still think it will be someone else, but this may be the scheme they are working on for now.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Patrick Byrne Reveals His Ties to Russian Agent Maria Butina

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Former CEO of Overstock Patrick Byrne has revealed that had an affair with Russian agent Maria Butina:

Byrne uses Yiddish expressions including Yenta and Verklempt and refers to Warren Buffet as his "Rabbi". He is pushing crypto-currency and blockchain. Byrne stated that he is a libertarian as is Maria Butina.

The libertarians have been out to destroy the American dollar to benefit their Russian masters for generations. They used to promote the Gold standard to favor the Russians and the Jews. Evidently they are now promoting crypto-currencies as a new way to ruin us and the international advantages the dollar gives us.

The Jews delight in private currencies because it will enable them to ruin any person they choose by denying him the right to use the private currency, just as social media and PayPal have denied access to targeted individuals. The libertarians support this private means of destroying people.

The Gold Standard is an horrible method. First they tried it, and then tried to make an electronic version of it which would become a fractional reserve system with no means of verification. Now, it appears that the Jews and Communists are out to destroy the American dollar with crypto-currencies and blockchain. I am warning about the dangers of allowing private companies to manage currencies. They can exclude you and starve you and your family and the libertarians will cheer them on as exercising their rights.

I suspect the Russians are also out to generate civil war in America over the issue of gun rights. We are being subjected to Communist "propaganda of the deed" in the form of mass shootings and the government is threatening an oppressive response which will generate more mass shootings in a cycle meant to provoke civil unrest and revolution. The Communists are waiting for that happen so they can hit us when we are weakest, when we are at war with one another.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Anti-Christ Versus the Second Coming of Lenin. . . How Can We Win? . . Or, How Can We Lose If We Join Race?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Must we again slavishly choose between the lesser of two evils in the American Presidential race, the Israel-first anti-Christ Trump or some open borders Communist from the Democratic Party? Are we such a subservient and dysfunctional nation that in yet another Presidential election we must vote either for the Bolshevik or the Zionist? Where is the candidate who represents our best interests, not the Jewish agenda of Bolshevism and Zionism? And do not deceive yourselves, both the Democrat and the Republican will be both Communists and Zionists.

It is pathetic that we do not have a candidate to vote for who pledges to serve American interests. At no point in my life have the American People been so distrusting of the politicians who govern us. Yet, we have not yet fielded a Presidential candidate who is willing and able to seize the opportunity and provide a viable option for functional government that will serve the citizenry, not World Jewry.

We should not allow this opportunity to pass us by. A strong voice can take advantage of the distrust and insecurity generated by the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and the censorship of the social media oligarchs. We have a better chance at victory than at any other time I can recall. The outrageous actions of the government to violate our most precious rights, their pedophilia and other blackmailable crimes, and their open treason to Israel and the International Communists have awoken the American People to our plight.

We are losing by default, because all we are doing is complaining instead of taking control of our destiny. We have a chance today to truly drain the swamp, including the mammon serving Anti-Christ pervert Donald Trump. But instead of just complaining, we must lead and govern our own fate. We must cease to be sheep baying that the shepherd is leading us to slaughter. We must instead stop following him into the abyss and provide our own leadership. It is not our fate to be forced to choose between two agents of Jewry seeking our demise. It is our fate to reject enemy leadership and lead ourselves. We need only fulfill our fate and we have a tremendous opportunity to do so.

Now That Trump Is Claiming to be Christ. . .

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Now that Trump is pretending to be the King of Israel, we ought to reconsider his ability to remain President of the United States. For one thing, titles of nobility don't sit well on any American, let alone a President. For another, Trump has openly displayed his disloyalty to the United States of America. Jesus said in Matthew 6:24:

"No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."

Likewise, Donald Trump cannot serve Americans and our enemies the Israelis. He has declared himself to be our enemy by accepting the throne of Israel, if only jokingly. Trump has quite seriously declared that American Jews are disloyal if they are not loyal to Israel, when the contrary case is true. American Jews are disloyal if they are loyal to Israel, for they cannot love America and our enemy Israel. Therefore, they, like Trump, are disloyal to the US if they are loyal to Israel.

We have a domestic enemy as President and he ought to be impeached for the offense of treason. It is the Constitutional duty of the Congress to impeach Trump and then remove him from office. Of course, they, like him, are faithful to Israel not America, so it will not happen.

Trump Got It Wrong, Twice

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

US President Donald Trump boldly declared that Jews who vote for Democrats are disloyal, because according to Trump all Jews ought to be loyal to Israel and the Democrats oppose Israel. It is not worth rebutting Trump's patently false claim that the Democrats, including Israel-firsters like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, are in any way anti-Israel. The more pressing issue is the obvious fact that those American Jews who are loyal to Israel are those Jews whom the American President should identify and condemn as "disloyal" because they are disloyal to America.

Trump is terribly confused as to the Constitutional role of the American President. His statements disqualify him to be our President. Our President should not promote disloyalty to the United States.

Christian Zionists are also disloyal to America and to Christianity. Trump today donned the crown of the anti-Christ by sacrilegiously promoting the belief that he is the second coming of Christ. The Jews are upset, because they do not want a Goy claiming to be their King. They had Jesus crucified for the claim that he was King of the Jews, and Jesus was a Judean, INRI.

But the Christian Zionists do not condemn Trump for his blasphemous statements. The Christian Zionists have been following an anti-Christ agenda for centuries and so are quite comfortable with judaizing heresies. It is only the Jews who are outraged at Trump's sacrilege for claiming the throne of David. Israel is a Jews-only State and Trump offends them with his pretense to the throne.