Monday, August 26, 2019

One of the Jews Behind Mao Tse Tung Has Died

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

One the Jews who made Mao and enabled the Jewish communists to spread their creed and enslave billions, has passed away. Sidney Rittenberg ultimately profited as a Jewish capitalist from "Chinese" communism:

Sidney Rittenberg

Sidney Rittenberg, former American advisor to Mao, dies at age 98

Who ever said Jews cannot be accused of being both communists and capitalists never met Mr. Rittenberg. Will anyone other than me remind the world that Rittenberg is partially responsible for the enslavement of the Chinese and the slaughter of tens of millions of Chinese, as well as the creation of America's number two enemy at the moment, behind Israel?

That old anti-Semitic canard that Jews are behind communism and its crimes can't be true can it? What about old Trotsky and Kaganovich who have tens of millions of corpses under their belt? We can't talk about that can we? It might hurt some Jew's feelings and that would be illegal, wouldn't it? Such laws pave the way for the next wave of Jewish genocide under the cover of Bolshevik laws prohibiting free speech.

A Great Joke Floating Around the Internet

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I just heard a great joke which is circulating through the internet and should be seen by everyone because it so succinctly tells a forbidden truth with great humor:

"Trump offered to buy Greenland from Denmark and the Danish responded with an offer to buy the United States from Israel."

More Campaign Issues With Which We Can Win

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Russia investigation by Robert Mueller was an obvious whitewash to cover up for Trump. . . and the Democrats. The Democrats and the Republicans were very slow to investigate Russia's interference in the Presidential election and American politics in general. Both parties let it happen on purpose, and then used it as a means to destabilize America, rather than respond to Russia with real measures to punish them and their agents and prevent any recurrence of their interference.

That is a winning campaign issue for us. We can win over disaffected Democrats by pointing out how they went along with the whitewash, delayed a response to Russia until after the election, have themselves been compromised by Russia and Red China, and refuse to take any real action against Trump by impeaching him.

Our candidate can assure the American People that he or she will take real action against the Communists who are interfering in our elections. We will also seek real elections reforms to guarantee that votes are accurately recorded and that only those entitled to vote do vote and are permitted to vote. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are fighting for free and fair elections. Instead, both are ensuring rigged elections with Libertarians as spoilers to keep Israel first candidates in power as they put Trump and Obama in power in alternating swings which benefit Bolshevik-Zionist Israel.

We can and should provide a real alternative to the totalitarianism of the Democrat-Republican-Spoilerlibertarian scheme which is entrenching Jewish power in America. The Democrats are not happy with their leadership and we have an opportunity to not only expose Israel-first Epstein compromised Trump, but the Democrats who keep Trump in power and cover for the Communists and Israelis who have compromised them, as well.

Here is the latest proof that Trump is in bed with Putin, who is likely also blackmailing him with his sexual acts, as was alleged in the dossier and which allegations take on new dimensions in connection with Trump's ties to Epstein and the failure of his government to investigate Epstein and preserve his testimony and the related evidence:

G7: Trump's demands for Russia's readmission cause row in Biarritz

Epstein may well have provided the Russians and/or their Chabad handlers with compromising material on Trump, to supplement that which the Russians allegedly garnered on their own. Trump may well be one of the most compromised leaders in the world, which would explain his psychotic pronouncements put in his mouth by those who hold the files.