Friday, October 11, 2019

Turkey Invaded Syria, So That the USA Can Invade Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As I reported earlier, the real reason why the House of Representatives opened an impeachment inquiry is because Donald Trump would not or could not attack Iran. With the threat of impeachment and eventual criminal prosecution hanging over his head, Trump is now setting us up to make that attack.

Trump gave Turkey the greenlight to invade Syria, because Syria is an ally of Iran and there are Russian forces present in Syria. Turkey is a NATO ally. The presence of Turkish forces in Northern Syria places NATO forces at the ready to attack not only Damascus if necessary, but also to confront any Russian forces intending to join the battle on behalf of Syria and or Iran.

In the name of pulling American troops out of the Middle East, Trump is instead readying them for combat with Iran. In the name of ending Middle Eastern wars, Trump is instead preparing to launch the worst one yet.

Trump, at the behest of Israel, has created the necessary conditions for an American attack on Iran and has Turkey securing Northern Syria for the benefit of Israel, so as to draw any fighting away from Israel and towards Turkey. Turkey would then have the option of invoking Article 5 of the NATO charter and bring in the full forces of NATO against Syria and Iran, whether it is the United States or Saudi Arabia which triggers a war with Iran.

US President Donald J. Trump has betrayed us to Israel yet again. In the name of instigating a new era of peace, Trump is instead laying the ground work for World War III, which could easily commence should Turkey or the US engage Russia in combat.