Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Trump's Address on Coronavirus: Bandaids and BS

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

President Trump addressed the nation tonight and revealed his inane plans to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. He is scapegoating Continental Europe for his failure to protect the American People. He is failing to take needed measures to stop the spread of the disease and develop cures for it. Trump refuses to direct and fund the needed programs to create manufacturing plants for masks and gloves. He is not directing research into utilizing the antibodies of those who have recovered to cure those who are ill.

The government should be providing us with masks and gloves, but since they failed to prepare for this crisis, enough gloves and masks do not exist. And even in spite of this reality, they refuse to start manufacturing them in new plants. The government should be encouraging us to wear improvised masks and providing us with instructions on how to make them at home.

There should be regional quarantines immediately imposed. New methods of buying and selling goods and services should be immediately developed and implemented, so that we are not constantly exposing each other in tight lines. New methods of ensuring the sterility of goods from Coronavirus must be developed and implemented as soon as possible. There should be screening of those who handle goods at distribution centers and there should be monitoring for the presence of the virus, which can live on surfaces for more than a week. We should be contemplating how to handle the delivery of mail and packages and the government should instruct the people as to the duration goods can be left untouched before the risk of infection is low or nil.

But the governments of the world are refusing to take meaningful steps towards solutions. Instead they are blaming each other and deliberately dividing us.

Trump is seizing upon this crisis as an opportunity to fulfill the very old Communist plan to divide the West into the Atlanticists of America and Great Britain and the Eurasianists of the Soviet Union and Red China expanded to claim all of Continental Europe. He is handing Continental Europe over to Putin and China and driving a wedge between America and our ancestral lands. Trump is giving Vladimir Putin and Alexander Dugin precisely what they want and is following the Eurasianist communist plans of Lenin. And Turkey is opening its gates to flood Europe with Asians and Africans, on behalf of the communists. I predicted all this would happen some 15 years ago, and now it is.

Jewry is hanging Haman on his own gallows. Americans put Trump into power on an anti-immigrant platform and now Europeans are being hung on that gallows with a flood of immigrants, a tidal wave of disease, and separation from America which will lead to the unification with Communist Russia and China.

But America will also hang if we let Trump fulfill the Israeli plan to ruin us. He is going to auction off the nation to the bankers at the sheriff's sale he is about to hold in a fire sale of our gold reserves, national forests, water rights, air rights, mineral rights, roadways, and everything else we own. Then the bankers will own everything and turn off the tap of all essentials needed for survival for every American, because we are a free people and it is their right to keep us from surviving because they will privately own all the means of our survival. And you won't be able to protest our demise in the streets, because the government will state it is forbidden because crowds spread the virus. And you won't be able to protest our demise on the internet because the private companies who own it will you tell it is their right as free people to silence you.

Time to act is now and the curtain is closing on the stage of our limited freedoms. The next act is the closing act when they start killing us all.

Hear it for yourselves, listen to the flustered fool, the puppet of Israel and Russia, we are being severed from Continental Europe and no meaningful steps are being taken to stop the spread of the virus domestically:

CORONAVIRUS CHRONICLES a New Series by Christopher Jon Bjerknes

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End Game Now

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The world is collapsing around us and all it took was a bad virus. All this seems worse to us because we are so spoiled, but look at what the bankers did in the world wars and the great depressions, which was far worse than anything we have seen yet.

The stock market is crashing and the economy is in real trouble. But when there is this kind of volatility, those in the know make the most money. So why are they after all the money if they intend to destroy its value is the pertinent question.

They are obviously imposing their tyranny through private ownership, not the State. Government censorship has not yet occurred, but private censorship is rampant. Government refusal to honor the coin of the realm as legal tender has not occurred, but private refusal is rampant at online payment services, credit cards and banks.

They are imposing bolshevist tyranny by buying up and monopolizing all of our means of subsistence and commerce. They are now going to have the opportunity to foreclose on everyone and take all our homes.

They will also foreclose on the government and take all our public land, gold reserves and natural reserves including air, water, grazing and mineral rights. They are buying everything and then using their private ownership to regulate our lives and take away our freedom. That has essentially already happened.

The next step is private currency, so that they can strangle anyone they chose by refusing to allow them to participate in the economy even to the point of making it impossible to buy food or pay rent. They do this in the name of their freedom to restrict your freedom. The coming government lockdown and containment will prevent riots and public protests. It will crush the economy and make it even easier for the bankers to buy up everything with no public protest.

This is the end game of cultural Marxism and Libertarianism. This is where they meet and it was all planned when the bolshevik Trust sent out agents like Ayn Rand to poison our minds, and neo-Trotskyites like Leo Strauss and his colleague Milton Friedman said business can do whatever it so chooses and ethics be damned.

So who is going to join me in screaming out to the public that we must act immediately?

I have been thinking a lot lately about how the markets and money supply interact. There is a good deal of talk about consumer confidence, but this going to break through the barriers of supply and demand and into the realms of massive unemployment and homelessness.

When the markets cause a loss of value of trillions of dollars how does that interact with money supply and purchasing power? Money supply is theoretically unaffected, but purchasing power in latent form is and I think that has a huge impact on the economy.

Todays momentous event signify far more than the completion of the Bolshevik revolution of Trotsky and Lenin. This is the fulfillment of the Jewish messianic prophecies. They will soon build their temple and anoint their King. So who cares about that when the markets are falling?

We should, because the prophecies command them to destroy the nations and judge the Goyim at exactly that moment. That means not only poverty and slavery. They have that already when you compare the average human to the banking elite. They want more than that. They want a world without Gentiles, so that they can correct the corruption of the Earth that Gentile blood represents.