Friday, March 20, 2020

Netanyahu Becomes Messiah Son of Joseph to Wage War on a Virus

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Benjamin Netanyahu has anointed himself Moshiach ben Joseph and is waging his historic war against Persia with the Coronavirus, which also provided the pretext for him to assume the dictatorial throne as commander of the war against the virus. King Cyrus Donald Trump has likewise appointed himself war-king battling the invisible enemy!

Netanyahu, Messiah Son of Joseph, is presiding over the biological attack on Iran. He is also taking over the throne of Israel with dictatorial powers and a State police force that is spying on the entire population and demanding their unquestioning obedience. Mistake it not, Netanyahu is the first public messiah. Moshiach ben David will soon follow after the war is won. Perhaps Trump will herald the arrival of Messiah Son of David.

Debunking the Allegation that the US Military Unleashed the Virus on the Red Chinese and the World

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Communists have accused the United States Military of causing the global pandemic we now face by allegedly releasing the virus as a bioweapon at the World Military Games in Wuhan China. There is no basis in fact for the allegation and it defies logic.

The only element of the alleged crime which can be proven is opportunity, but this proves nothing other than the irrational anti-American bias of those making the accusation. The USA was only one of 110 nations to have participated in the games. Beyond that, agents from any other nation on earth could presumably found there way into Wuhan. So why is the American Military being accused solely on this basis, when any other nation on earth could be accused on the same basis?

Of course, Red China had not only the opportunity to release a bioweapon in Wuhan, but also the facilities to produce it which are present at the very location the disease arose. Does this fact elude the architects of the anti-American propaganda? Therefore, the nation with the strongest opportunity to spread the virus was Red China, not America.

What motive would the American Military have to infect China and the world with the virus? The Communists in Red China are known to have mass murdered some one hundred million Chinese, and Communists in general are known for slaughter the old and decrepit en masse, which this Khmer Rouge type virus does. The Red Chinese have the Communist incentive of destabilizing the world and had the opportunity to develop a vaccine long in advance of releasing the disease. Why would Americans destroy the American economy in predictable ways? The Communists would destroy the world economy because that creates the needed conditions for the spread of Communism.

But we should ask qui bono, who also benefits? It appears that the bankers first and foremost benefitted from this disease. Israel has seen its enemies ancient and recent fall to the virus. Israel considers America and Europe to be Esau and Amalek and so delights in our extinction, and especially relishes the suffering of Persians, Romans, Greeks and Germans.

So while there is ample proof that Red China released the virus, perhaps in collaboration with the Israelis and bankers; there is no evidence whatsoever that the American Military played any role in the bioweapon attack.

The other theory alleging to prove that America manufactured the virus claims that the presence of multiple strains of the virus in America serve as proof that it originated here. The claim is a non sequitur. Quite the contrary, that would tend to prove that America is the primary target of the attack because we a multiracial society. In order to render the virus most effective it would have to be modified to attack the specific genetic make up of the targeted race. Therefore those who crafted it to attack Iran, Italy, Germany, China, South Korea and America would multiple strains and concentrated them all in America. Another explanation is the fact Americans are most likely to have engaged in travel to these regions and returned with the virus.

It is disgraceful that there are so many Americans who bear such a strong self hatred and so strongly carry Communist sympathies that they would help to disseminate this Red Chinese propaganda. It makes one wonder if there is a fifth column in our nation also helping the Communists to spread the disease. The Communists always accuse the US of their Communist crimes. The KGB/FSB always accuses the CIA of the criminal acts the KGB/FSB has committed. And they a fifth column of American traitors, mostly Communists themselves, who echo their lies.