Sunday, March 22, 2020

The United States of America Should Repudiate Its Debts to Red China

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Red Chinese hold much of our national debt. Since they gave us Coronavirus, we should fine them and start to collect on the fine by repudiating the debt the Red Chinese hold. It is the product of fraud anyway, so let the Communist Chinese collect their debts from the Jewish bankers who created them, both the Red Chinese and our American national debt.

If we do not repudiate the debt the Jewish bankers have created through fraud, they will steal all our gold reserves and the gold reserves of every other nation when they deliberately collapse the central banks of the world. The Jewish bankers will also steal our national forests, air and water rights, roadways, rail systems, and the airports and airlines industry. But that is only the beginning. They are going to take our farms and homes, our industry and schools, and all the rest of our private and public property. It is coming and not far off if we fail to fend them off.

A Russian Trojan Horse is heading to Rome. The USA and Italy Should Invoke Article 5 of the NATO Charter

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Russian military is planning to invade Italy with medics and disinfectant trucks. David Ben-Gurion, Vladimir Lenin and Alexander Dugin all planned for the Russian Communists to take over all of Continental Europe and now Trump and Coronavirus are making their dreams come true. Trump has so weakened NATO that it is not being employed to battle Coronavirus, though it should be, especially given the Communist origin of the biological weapons attack. The United States and Italy should invoke Article 5 of the NATO charter and request international assistance. The Red Chinese spread this disease to Italy and the United States and it is NATO's mission to protect us from the attack, and not open the gates to Soviet Russia.

Ayn Rand Paul has Coronavirus

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If ever there has been poetic justice, this is it. Crypto-Communist Ayn Rand Paul, who needlessly and deliberately delayed Coronavirus legislation in the Senate with a ridiculous amendment he knew would never pass, has tested positive for Coronavirus. Ayn Rand Paul probably caught it from one of his Communist contacts, likely a fifth columnist spreading the disease in America, as Rand did by delaying needed laws.